New Zealand Bravery Decoration

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New Zealand Bravery Decoration
Obverse of the medal. Ribbon: 32mm, seven equal and alternating stripes of bright blue and crimson.
Awarded by New Zealand
Type Civil decoration.
Eligibility Those performing acts of bravery in, or meriting recognition by, New Zealand.
Awarded for "acts of exceptional bravery in situations of danger".
Status Currently awarded.
Description 45mm, (Obverse) cross pattée surmounted by a small faceted four-pointed star with the Royal Crown and fern frond wreath emblem; (reverse) inscribed "FOR BRAVERY - MO TE MAIA". With ring suspension.
Established 20 September 1999
Total awarded 22[1]
Next (higher) New Zealand Gallantry Decoration[2]
Next (lower) Order of St John[2]

The New Zealand Bravery Decoration (NZBD) is the third level civil decoration of New Zealand.

It was instituted by Royal Warrant on 20 September 1999[3] as part of the move to replace British bravery awards with an indigenous New Zealand Bravery system. The medal, which may be awarded posthumously, is granted in recognition of "acts of exceptional bravery in situations of danger". The medal is primarily a civilian award, but it is also awarded to members of the armed forces who perform acts of bravery in non-operational circumstances (given that the New Zealand gallantry awards may only be awarded "while involved in war and warlike operational service (including peacekeeping)".[4]

Bars are awarded to the NZBD in recognition of the performance of further acts of bravery meriting the award. Recipients are entitled to the postnominal letters NZBD.

This medal replaced the award of the Queen's Gallantry Medal, Air Force Cross, and Air Force Medal in respect of acts of bravery in, or meriting recognition by, New Zealand.

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