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Walsh Brothers type D flying boat

The New Zealand Flying School was formed in 1915, by the Walsh Brothers, Leo and Vivian, to train pilots for the Royal Flying Corps. The school flew a fleet of home-built and imported flying boats from Mission Bay on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour, near where a sculpture [1] now stands to commemorate the Walsh brothers. Over 100 pilots trained at the school, most of them going on to serve in the First World War, including ace Keith Caldwell.

The flying school was sold to the New Zealand Government in 1924 after struggling to survive after the end of the war.


  • Boeing Model 1 - 2 planes acquired in 1919; first product for Boeing

On film[edit]

A 1993 documentary "Wings on the Waitemata" [2] includes historical footage of the Walsh brothers' flying school.

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