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New Zealand Geographic magazine logo.png
CategoriesGeography, culture, heritage, society, environment, Exploration, Conservation
FrequencyEvery two months
First issueJanuary 1989
CompanyKowhai Media Ltd
CountryNew Zealand

New Zealand Geographic is a magazine published in Auckland, New Zealand. It is in the format popularised by National Geographic but focusing on the biodiversity, geography and culture of New Zealand; New Zealand's interests abroad, and that of the adjoining region: Antarctica and nearby Pacific Islands.

New Zealand Geographic is issued every two months. It features four to six main features per issue, along with regular and occasional columns.

Each volume draws from locations, natural history, technology, industry, history, biology, geology, astronomy, culture, and exploration/adventure. This gamut occasionally stretches to biographies, with pieces appearing from time to time on explorers, scientists, artists and notorious individuals. Locations beyond the Pacific are featured in connection with New Zealand interests: New Zealanders at war, New Zealand peacekeepers or volunteers abroad, or tracing the paths of New Zealand explorers and adventurers.

The publication is oriented toward photography and it attracts wildlife, landscape and social commentary-style photographers into its pool of contributors. Contributing essayists are often specialists or individuals who hold a deep interest in a narrow field. The tone of pieces seldom deviates from political neutrality — an “information without advocacy” stance — although many stories explore conservation and other emotive issues.

The magazine has a science flavour, reflecting the background of Kennedy Warne (co-founder of the magazine in 1989), who holds a master's degree in marine biology.


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