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New Zealand Law Students' Association
Institution Law schools in New Zealand
Members Law Students' Societies

The New Zealand Law Students' Association / Te Roopu Tauira Ture o Aotearoa (NZLSA) is the overarching representative body for law students in New Zealand. The members of the NZLSA are the Law Students' Societies (LSSs) of each New Zealand law school, along with individual New Zealand law students (as student members).

The main operational organ of the NZLSA is the Council, which consists of the President of each LSS, an Executive consisting of the NZLSA President, the Administrative Vice-President, the Education Vice-President, the Competitions Vice-President, Marketing Vice-President and the Treasurer. The Lex Magazine editor is an ex officio officer.

The NZLSA also has two representatives on the New Zealand Council of Legal Education, which is an independent statutory body whose general activities concern public interest and regulatory matters and centre on the Council's responsibilities for the quality and provision of legal training within New Zealand. The Council of Legal Education oversees the LLB curriculum at all NZ universities and regulates professional studies providers. The NZLSA representatives promote student views and are ex officio officers of the NZLSA Council.

The primary goals of the NZLSA are:

  • to facilitate communication, the exchange of ideas, and collegiality between LSSs and law students;
  • to provide opportunities for New Zealand law students (such as the opportunity to compete in the NZLSA competitions); and
  • to represent law students' interests in external fora (such as the Council of Legal Education).


The Current Members of the NZLSA are:

At the September 2010 Council meeting of the NZLSA in Dunedin, the AUT University Law Students' Society (AUTLawSS) confirmed its intention to affiliate to the NZLSA and become a Member in January 2011.

NZLSA Conference[edit]

Each year the NZLSA holds its annual conference at a different New Zealand law school. The right to host the conference is rotated equally amongst the law schools, with the host LSS taking responsibility for the conference.[citation needed]

While the majority of conference delegates are competitors in the National Championships of the NZLSA competitions, the conference also hosts Council members, incoming Presidents of the LSSs and general delegates. The 2010 conference, hosted by SOULS and the University of Otago, was the first NZLSA conference to welcome general delegates from Australia and from the AUT Law Students' Society (AUTLAWSS).[citation needed]

NZLSA Councils[edit]

Year President Administrative VP Treasurer Education VP Competitions VP Marketing VP CLE Representatives AULSS President AUTLSS President WULSA President VUWLSS President LAWSOC President SOULS President
2005 Chelsea Payne / Prabhat Sethi Prabhat Sethi Nicholas Garland - Andrew Thomas - - Leith McFarlane - Michelle Ormsby Jonny Mitchell Charlotte Kirkcaldie
2006 Charlotte Kirkcaldie Jonathan Mitchell - - Dan Graham - - Bridgette White - Sam Mills Tracey Lee Cynthia Garton Pippa Allen
2007 Andrew Thomas Matthew Green Sam O'Malley - Colin Fife - - Kitaj Woodward - Seung Youn Ihma Shareef David Dewar Jeremy Spicer
2008 David Dewar Seung Yeun Lara Johansen - Wook Jin Lee - Colin Fife & Kitaj Woodward Sunil Nathu - Jeni Fountain Henry Clayton Steve Jukes Honor Lanham
2009 Jeni Fountain Desley Horton Aimée Scofield Grace Brown Anna Cornelius - Colin Fife & Kitaj Woodward Matt Comery - Richard Bracefield Amelia Keene Nick McDonnell Phil Thomson
2010 Phil Thomson Aimée Scofield Emma Groufsky Joe Lill Jamie Eng - Colin Fife & Kitaj Woodward Gavin Correia - Ben Gilbert Nick Chapman Guy Carter Rob Harris
2011 Guy Carter Elisha Kemp Chris Dearsley Sarah Keast Roshni Kaur - Phil Thomson & Jamie Eng Marino Vedanayagam - Ashiq Hamid David Smith Mike Mullins Sam Welsh
2012 Rebecca Goldsmith Nigel Smith / George McLellan Jono Boyce Sam Welsh Ben Foster / Almiro Clere Courtney Martyn Phil Thomson & Jamie Eng Faisal Halabi Amanda Ferris Mohammed Alobaidi Ben Land-Maycock Seamus Woods Sam McLernon
2013 Seamus Woods Rachel Walsh Shaun Wallis Hoory Karnik Sophie Kalderimis Camille Warnaar Phil Thomson & Jamie Eng Camille Butters Osei Owusu Nicolette Barrett Callum Inglis Simon Inder Emma Haggas
2014 Rachel Walsh Faisal Halabi Sean Maskill Andrew Pullar Nicky Wynne Julie Hands Seamus Woods & Sophie Kalderimis Victoria Clarke Ilinke Naude Arno Elsing Myles Snaddon Jacob Nutt James Lansdown
2015 Jacob Nutt Georgia Cameron James Lester Ilinke Naude Amber Hosking Cameron van Baarle Seamus Woods & Sophie Kalderimis Benjamin Kirkpatrick Karl Schwarz Robert West Geordie Johnson Thomas Scott Ben Isaacs
2016 Geordie Johnson Rebecca Brehmer Amy O'Brien Thomas Scott William McGrath Benjamin Kirkpatrick Seamus Woods & Sophie Kalderimis Alex Churchill (semester one) & Ella Maiden (semester two) Rima Allen Kate Lunn Victoria Rea Edward Coughlan Jake Mills
2017 Victoria Rea Nasif Azam Amy O'Brien Katie Collier Fayez Shahbaz Robbie Morrison Geordie Johnson & Rebecca Brehmer Jason An Elisa Saunders Liam Whittaker Charlie Wilkinson Tom Pemberton Charlotte Aspin

NZLSA Competitions[edit]

One of the core functions of the NZLSA is to facilitate the regular legal skills competitions that are offered to students in each law school (with the LSS winners representing their university at the National Championships). The current competitions are the NZLSA Bell Gully Mooting Competition, the NZLSA Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Witness Examination Competition, the Russell McVeagh Client Interviewing Competition, and the Buddle Findlay Negotiation Competition.[1]

NZLSA Champions[edit]

Year Championship Moot Junior Moot Witness Examination Negotiation Client Interviewing
Champion Runner-Up Champion Runner-Up Champion Runner-Up Champion Runner-Up Champion Runner-Up
2016 Tiaan Nelson, Andrew Grant (Auckland) George Niven, Sam Cathro (Otago) Not held Not held Harrison Cunningham (VU Wellington) Patrick O'Boyle (Otago) Morgan Evans, Cameron Martin (VU Wellington) Jarom Murphy, Zachary Katene (Waikato) Jamie Rohan, Zared Wall-Manning (Otago) James Penn, Ed Foley (Auckland)
2015 Carter Pearce, Sam Jeffs (Auckland) Abhiteja Kandarpa, Sean Brennan (VU Wellington) Caitlin Anyon Peters, Katherine Eichelbaum (Auckland) Kayla Polamalu and Lucy Kenner (VU Wellington) Stephen Taylor (Waikato) Roshana Ching (Auckland) Ellie Domigan, Jamie Rohan (Otago) Nasif Azam, Charlie Haines (Canterbury) Eve Bain, Fayez Shahbaz (VU Wellington) Hugh Goodwin, Tom Burgess (Canterbury)
2014 Danielle Houghton, Aidan Lomas (Auckland)[2] Helen Bond, Stephen Taylor (Waikato) James Penn, Ed Foley (Auckland) Sam Jeffs (Auckland) Tom O'Brien (Canterbury) Ben Bielski, George Meale (Otago) Myles Snaddon, Karl van der Plas (VU Wellington) Luke Archer, Jasmin Moran (VU Wellington) Joseph Bergin, Hayden Smith (AUT)
2013[3] Timothy Conder, Nupur Upadhyay (Auckland) Duncan McLachlan, Aric Shakur (VU Wellington) Matthew Budler, Tiaan Nelson (Auckland) Cyrus Campbell, Melody Zhou (Canterbury) Caitlin Hollings (Auckland) Rhiannon Snell (AUT) Henry Benson-Pope, Tom Jemson (Otago) Kimberly Eccles, Stephanie Panzic (Auckland) Luke Sizer, Andrew McLeod (Auckland) Paul Comrie-Thomson, Peter McKenzie-Bridle (VU Wellington)
2012 Alexandra Sinclair, Campbell Herbert (VU Wellington)[4] Andrew Pullar, Sean Maskill(Canterbury) Duncan McLachlan, Aric Shakur (VU Wellington) (Auckland) Timothy Conder (Auckland) William Findlay (VU Wellington) Darren Adams, Robert Davies (Waikato) Adele Taylor, Elisabeth Perham (VU Wellington) (Auckland)
2011 Benedict Tompkins, Matthew Beattie (Auckland) Tiho Mijatov and Hannah Drury (Otago) Jermir J Punthakey (University of New South Wales)[5] David Dingwall (Canterbury) Josh English, Tom English (Otago) Rob Clarke, Alex Boock (Otago)
2010 Sarah Keast (Canterbury) Kate Lawson-Bradshaw (Otago) Andrew Cameron, Benjamin Gilbert (Waikato)
2009 Yogesh Patel (VU Wellington) Mitch Singh, Roshni Kaur (Otago)
2008 Steven Jukes (Canterbury) Jason Cooper, Tim Haines (Canterbury)
2007 Scott Leith (Auckland) Honor Lanham, Emma Peart (Otago)

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