New Zealand Liberal Party (1962)

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New Zealand Liberal Party
Founded 1962
Ideology Classical Liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Colours      Yellow

The New Zealand Liberal Party of 1962, a defunct laissez-faire Liberal Party, was formed to stand candidates in the 1963 New Zealand general election.


At the election, "the Liberals, with over twenty candidates, collected only 1 per cent of the vote, although they caused the National Party a little concern by drawing financial support from some farmers in Canterbury."[1] The Liberal Party argued the National government was not doing enough to promote private enterprise, but made little influence on the election and did not fulfill expectations that they would split the National Party's vote.[2]

The number of candidates put forward was 23, and they attracted 10,339 votes (0.9%). The electorates were: Auckland Central, Awarua, Eastern Maori, Eden, Hamilton, Hauraki, Invercargill, Mount Albert, North Shore, Onehunga, Otaki, Palmerston North, Piako, Raglan, Remuera, Roskill, Selwyn, Tamaki, Waimarino, Waipa, Waitakere, Waitomo and Wallace. The highest number of votes for any Liberal candidate was Invercargill (1,064 votes), then Wallace (828 votes).[3]


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