New Zealand Māori cricket team

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New Zealand Māori
Association New Zealand Cricket
International Cricket Council
ICC status None
ICC region ICC East Asia-Pacific
First international Māori people New Zealand Māori v. Cook Islands 
(Auckland, New Zealand; 3 February 2001)
As of 20 January 2017

The New Zealand Māori cricket team is a team that represented the Māori community of New Zealand in the 2001 Pacifica Cup cricket tournament. Whilst their rugby union and rugby league counterparts play often, this is the only appearance to date of the cricket team.

2001 Pacifica Cup[edit]

The New Zealand Māori team took part in the first Pacifica Cup. They topped their first round group, winning all three of their matches against the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. They then beat Tonga in the semi-finals before beating Fiji in the final to win the tournament.[1] They did not compete in the 2002 tournament.[2]


The following players played for the New Zealand Māori in the 2001 Pacifica Cup:[3][4]

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