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New Zealand Mint (Māori: Te Kamupene Whakanao o Aotearoa) is a privately owned company in Auckland, New Zealand.[1] It is the only privately owned mint in New Zealand, purchasing refined gold from international sources to produce coins. The company trades in precious metals including gold bullion, and is a physical storage provider.

Using the tag-line "Minters of the South Pacific", the mint produces collector and bullion coins for a number of pacific nations, including Fiji, the Cook Islands, Niue and Tuvalu

During the late-2000s recession, New Zealand Mint saw a substantial upturn of business, doing a month's worth of transactions each day when the large U.S. investment banks such as Bear Stearns failed.[1]

The mint does not produce bank notes or coins of the New Zealand dollar - those coins are minted primarily at the Royal Mint and Royal Canadian Mint for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.[2]


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