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A New Zealand group of cavers posing for a group photo in a Waitomo-area cave.

New Zealand Speleological Society is a national organisation for recreational cavers in New Zealand.

It was formed in 1949 by Henry Lambert and had approximately 300 members in 2010.[1]


Their stated mission is:[2]

  • To be the national speleological body
  • To conserve caves and karst
  • To represent the interests of its members


  • The collection and appropriate dissemination of information on caves, karst and caving
  • Advocating conservation and awareness to cave owners and managers
  • Negotiating access to caves for members
  • The promotion of safe cave use
  • Operating a national cave search and rescue system
  • Encouraging cave users to join NZSS
  • Monitoring the effects of cave use


  • Education and training
  • Development and assessment of techniques and equipment
  • Liaison with other groups and agencies
  • Exploration and study of caves

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