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State Highway 30 NZ.svg

State Highway 30
Route information
Maintained by NZ Transport Agency
Length219 km (136 mi)
Thermal Explorer Highway
in concurrency with SH 5
Pacific Coast Highway
Paroa to Whakatane
Major junctions
Southwest end SH 3 at Te Kuiti
  SH 32, SH 1, SH 5, SH 33, SH 34, SH 2
Northeast endWhakatane
Mangakino, Atiamuri, Rotorua, Awakeri
Highway system
SH 29SH 31

State Highway 30 (SH 30) is a New Zealand state highway, linking the Waikato and Bay of Plenty towns of Te Kuiti, Mangakino, Rotorua, and Whakatane.

At 219 kilometres, SH 30 is New Zealand's fifth longest provincial (two-digit) state highway, after SH 25, SH 35, SH 73, and SH 94.[1] With the exception of SH 4, it has junctions with every national (one-digit) state highway in the North Island.

SH 30 has the most concurrencies of all the state highways. It shares sections with, from west to east, SH 32, SH 1, SH 5, SH 34 (albeit briefly), and SH 2.


SH 30 starts in the southern end of the Waikato town of Te Kuiti at an intersection with SH 3. At first, SH 30 follows the North Island Main Trunk railway south-east as far as Benneydale. The highway then leaves the railway and turns east, crossing into Manawatū-Whanganui briefly as it passes through the Pureora Forest Park. The road now turns north-east and heads for the Waikato River.

Near Mangakino, SH 30 turns sharply south-east, and bypasses the town of Mangakino. Here, the highway meets the Waikato River at the top of Lake Maraetai, and follows the river upstream to Whakamaru, where the concurrency with SH 32 begins. It crosses the Waikato on top of the Whakamaru hydroelectric dam and leaves SH 32 where it continues eastwards on the opposite bank of the Waikato River to SH 1 at the Atiamuri Dam. SH 30 runs concurrently with SH 1 northwards for six kilometres. The highway leaves SH 1 at Upper Atiamuri, and heads north-east, over the border into Bay of Plenty, towards the tourist town of Rotorua.

The highway passes through the south-east of Rotorua, then heads north through the suburb of Te Ngae, and up the eastern side of Lake Rotorua. Turning east, the road skims the southern edge of Lakes Rotoiti, Rotoehu, and Rotoma. The road turns north-east passing north of the mill town of Kawerau, and through Te Teko, across the Rangitaiki River, to Awakeri.

After crossing SH 2 at Awakeri, the highway turns north and heads towards the coast. The road then turns east, and crosses the Whakatane River. The highway ends just across the river at the roundabout with Landing Road.

Route changes[edit]

SH 30's only major route change has occurred at the Whakatane end of the highway. The highway originally ended at Paroa, where the highway met SH 2. Recently, SH 2 has been moved inland, and SH 30 was extended along SH 2's former route to Whakatane.

Spur sections[edit]

State Highway 30a NZ.svg

State Highway 30A
LocationSH 5 west of central Rotorua – SH 30 at Ngapuna
Length3.6 km (2.2 mi)

SH 30 has one spur route – State Highway 30A (SH 30A) in Rotorua.

SH 30A starts west of central Rotorua, at the intersection of Old Taupo Road (SH 5) and Pukuatua Street. SH 30A follows Pukuatua Street eastwards, before going into an S-bend onto Amohau Street, to avoid central Rotorua. The road continues east to Fenton Street, from where SH 30A turns southwest onto a dual carriageway to connect with Te Ngae Road. The highway turns eastwards again, meeting SH 30 at the intersection of Te Ngae Road and Sala Street.

SH 30A was created after SH 5 was moved from its original route through central Rotorua to Old Taupo Road. SH 30A follows part of the old SH 5 route on Amohau Street, between Ranolf Street and Fenton Street.

Major junctions[edit]

Territorial authority Location km jct Destinations Notes
Waitomo District Te Kuiti 0 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg SH 3 south (Awakino Road) – New Plymouth
SH 3 north (Carroll Street) – Waitomo Caves, Hamilton
SH 30 begins
Kopaki 23 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg Kopaki Road
Benneydale 30 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg Waimiha Road – Waimiha
Taupo District Mangakino 76 New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg Scott Road
New Zealand road sign R2-1.svg Waipapa Road – Mangakino, Te Awamutu
Whakamaru 84 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg SH 32 south (Tihoi Road) – Taupo, Turangi, National Park SH 30/SH 32 concurrency begins
86 New Zealand PW-44.svg Whakamaru Dam (Waikato River)
South Waikato District
New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg SH 32 north – Tokoroa, Hamilton SH 30/SH 32 concurrency ends
Atiamuri New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg SH 1 south – Taupo SH 30/SH 1 concurrency begins
Upper Atiamuri 110 New Zealand road sign R2-1.svg SH 1 north – Tokoroa, Hamilton SH 30/SH 1 concurrency ends
Rotorua Lakes Waipa Village 143 New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg SH 5 south – Taupo SH 30/SH 5 concurrency begins
Whakarewarewa 144 New Zealand road sign W11-1.svg SH 5 north – Hamilton SH 30/SH 5 concurrency ends
145 New Zealand road sign W11-1.svg Fenton Street – City Centre Former SH 5 route
Fenton Park 147 New Zealand road sign W10-4.svg SH 30A (Te Ngae Road) – City Centre, Hamilton
Te Ngae 157 New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg SH 33Tauranga
Whakatane District Rotoma 194 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg SH 34Kawerau
Onepu 205 New Zealand PW-11 (left).svg SH 34 north – Tauranga SH 30/SH 34 concurrency begins
206 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg SH 34 south – Kawerau SH 30/SH 34 concurrency ends
Te Teko 208 New Zealand PW-44.svg Rangitaiki River Bridge
209 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg Galatea Road – Galatea, Murupara
Awakeri 218 New Zealand road sign R2-2.svg SH 2 north – Tauranga SH 30/SH 2 concurrency begins
219 New Zealand PW-11 (right).svg SH 2 south – Opotiki, Gisborne SH 30/SH 2 concurrency ends
Paroa New Zealand PW-11 (left).svg Pacific Coast Highway – Whakatane Airport, Tauranga
Whakatane 229 New Zealand road sign W11-1.svg Pacific Coast Highway (Landing Road) – Town Centre, Opotiki
Hinemoa Street
Landing Road
SH 30 ends

SH 30A[edit]

Territorial authority Location km jct Destinations Notes
Rotorua Lakes Rotorua 0 New Zealand road sign W10-4.svg SH 5 north – Hamilton
SH 5 south – Taupo
SH 30A begins
New Zealand PW-11 (left).svg Pukuatua Street – City Centre
New Zealand road sign W10-4.svg Ranolf Street Former SH 5 route north
New Zealand road sign W10-4.svg Fenton Street north – City Centre
Fenton Street south – Taupo
Former SH 5 route south.
Fenton Park 4 New Zealand road sign W10-4.svg SH 30 east (Te Ngae Road) – Tauranga, Whakatane
SH 30 west (Sala Street) – Taupo, Te Kuiti
SH 30A ends

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