New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition (1889)

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The main fair building of the exhibition, Dunedin

The New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition was a world's fair held in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1889.[1] It opened on 26 November 1889 and ran until 19 April 1890[1] with 625,000 visits made, and made a profit.[1]

The fair celebrated that country and the South Seas. Exhibitions included New Zealand's Eiffel Tower, a 40 metre high wooden structure based on the Eiffel Tower built by the Austral Otis Elevator Company and used to display their products.[2] The tower was estimated to cost £1200 and included an elevator that travelled about 30 m. A smaller Eiffel Tower, without an elevator, was situated in an adjacent garden area, near the internal courtyard of the exhibition.[3]

John Roberts was President of the Exhibition and for his services was awarded the Companionship of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, in 1891.[4] Alfred Lee Smith was one of the directors of the exhibition.[5]

On the occasion of the exhibition a book was published, titled Picturesque Dunedin. It was edited by Alexander Bathgate, and gave a description of Dunedin and its neighbourhood, with a short historical account of the city and its principal institutions.[6]

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