New Zealand at the 1934 British Empire Games

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New Zealand at the
1934 British Empire Games
Flag of New Zealand.svg
CGF code NZL
CGA New Zealand Olympic Committee
in London, England
Competitors 7
Flag bearer Opening: Jack Lovelock
Ranked 6th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 0 2 3
Officials 1
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)
British Empire Games
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
British Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games

New Zealand (abbreviated NZL) sent a small team of seven competitors and one official to the 1934 British Empire Games, which were held in London, England. The flagbearer at the opening ceremony was Jack Lovelock.

New Zealand has competed in every games, starting with the previous (and first) British Empire Games in 1930 at Hamilton, Ontario. Selection is the responsibility of the New Zealand Olympic Committee.


Gold Silver Bronze Total
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand 1 0 2 3

New Zealand was sixth in the medal table in 1934.



1st, gold medalist(s) Jack Lovelock — Men's 1 Mile



3rd, bronze medalist(s) Harold Brainsby — Men's Triple Jump


3rd, bronze medalist(s) Noel Crump — Men's 100 yards Freestyle

New Zealand Team[edit]


Long Jump - men: 21ft 6.5in (7th place)
Triple Jump - men: 47ft 11½in (14.62m) Bronze Medal Med 3.png
440 yards - men: 4th, heat 1 (did not progress)
880 yards - men: 4th, heat 3 (did not progress)
1 mile - men: 4:12.8 Gold medal Med 1.png
3 miles - men: Did not start.

Cycling (Track)[edit]

10 mile - Men: 4th
1000 yards Championship - Men: 4th
1km Time Trial - Men: 1:20.4 4th


100 yards Freestyle - Men - 0:56.2 Bronze Medal Med 3.png
200 yards Breaststroke - Men - 2:48.2 3rd, heat 1 (did not progress)
100 yards Backstroke - Men - 4th, heat 1 (did not progress)
100 yards Freestyle - Men - Did not start
  • Crump, Smith, Whareaitu
3 x 100 yards medley relay - 3:20.8 1st, heat 2
3 x 100 yards medley relay - 3:11.4 5th, final


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