New Zealand rabbit

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New Zealand white rabbit.
New Zealand red rabbit

The New Zealand is a breed of rabbit, which despite the name, is American in origin. The breed originated in California from rabbits imported from New Zealand. New Zealand rabbits are available in four ARBA-recognized colors: white, red, black, and broken (color mingled with white). Although, crossbreeding can result in many different combinations of the three basic pigmentations. The most common of these variations are gold tipped steel and chestnut agouti. There are efforts with certificates of development on a blue variety. They average 10 lb. to 12 lb (5 kg) with the does being slightly larger than the bucks. New Zealands are bred for meat, pelts, show, and laboratory uses, being the most used rabbit breed both for meat production and animal testing. They are also bred as pet rabbits.

The Czech Red is a breed of Czech origin, of which one of the ancestor is the New Zealand Red.

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