New Zealand women's national rugby league team

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New Zealand women's national rugby league team
Team information
Nickname Kiwi Ferns
Governing body New Zealand Rugby League
Region Oceania
Head coach Tony Benson
Captain Sarina Fiso
RLIF ranking 2nd
First colours
Team results
Biggest win
New Zealand 88 – 0 France
(The Tetley's Stadium, England; 5 July 2013 )
World Cup
Appearances 4 (first time in 2000)
Best result Champions (2000, 2005, 2008)

The New Zealand women's national rugby league team, also known as the Kiwi Ferns or New Zealand Kiwi Ferns, represents New Zealand in Women's rugby league. They are administered by the New Zealand Rugby League.

New Zealand won the Women's Rugby League World Cup in 2000, 2005 and 2008.[1][2]


Early years[edit]

The Kiwi Ferns were formed in 1995.[3]

1995 Inaugural Kiwi Ferns Team

Kaylene Ihaia

Nadine Conlon

Lynley Tierney

Juanita Hall (c)

Karroll Brent-Edmonson

Eileen Rankin

Laura Waretini

Rachael White

Tania Martin

Wendy Cunningham

Debbie Syme

Maria Auega

Sara White

Leah Witehira

Michelle Driscoll

Zavana Aranga

Nicole Presland

Luisa Avaiki

Megan Tahapeehi

Sharlene Hannah

Tammi Wilson

Therese Mangos

Eva Epiha

Golly Baker

Coach:Janie Thompson

Managers: Ollie Karu and Yvonne Hiko and Maia Le Cheminant

Tour of Australia in 1995 result NZ won 7 games. 2 of which were internationals against Australia. NZ won 18-14 in first game and 14-6 in 2nd game.

1997 Kiwi Ferns Team

Kaylene Ihaia

Lemelle Lavaki

Mate Lefale

Priscilla Moke

Luisa Avaiki

Christine Moir

Lynley Tierney

Nadene Conlon (VC)

Zavana Aranga (C)

Racheal White

Tracey Wrigley

Trish Hina

Michelle Driscoll

Megan Tahapeehi

Nicole Presland

Mere Miki

Selena Edmonds

Cherie Steel

Coach: Janie Thomson

Managers:Diane Pakai, Robin Thompson,

Trainer: Eileen Rankin

NZ host Australia . NZ win both International Test games. NZ remain undefeated for 4 Tests in a row.

1998 Kiwi Ferns Team

Audrey Thompson

Hope Weston

Zavana Aranga(C)

Nadene Conlon(VC)

Tasha Davie

Debbie Chase

Alarna Nicholas

Leah Witehira

Serena Setu

Rachel White

Sara White

Luisa Avaiki

Trish Hina

Somma Te Kahu

Germaine Wiki

Jackie Ryder

Michelle Driscoll

Rachel Bean

Coah: Tony Lajpold

Manager:Hope Weston

Trainer: Harry Tipene

NZ host travelling team Great Britain Lionesses and NZ win all 3 test matches bri g their undefeated tally to 7 in a row.

1999 Kiwi Ferns Team

Tasha Davie

Tracey Wrigley

Nadene Conlon

Leah Witehira

Stacey O'Carroll

Jean Kellett

Mary Brennan

Frances Te Ao

Sara White

Cynthia Ta'ala

Rachel White

Selena Te Amo

Trish Hina

Luisa Avaiki

Antoinette Rowley

Michelle Driscoll

Jackie Ryder

Zavana Aranga(C)

Miriama Niha

Germaine Wiki

Coach:Tony Lajpold

Managers: Christine Cooper

Trainer: Eileen Porter- Rankin

Australia toured for 3 games. NZ won the first 2 but lost the last test ending their 9 test undefeated streak. Australias first International win.

2000 World Cup Kiwiferns Squad

1 Summah Te Kahu

2 Sharlene Johnson

3 Michelle Driscoll

4 Selena Te Amo

5 Stacey O'Carroll

6 Trish Hina

7 Leah Witehira

8 Nicole Presland

9 Tracey Wrigley

10 Luisa Avaiki

11 Rachel White

12 Nadene Conlon (C)

13 Tasha Davie

14 Laura Mariu

15 Ina Muaiava

16 Frances Te Ao

17 Hannah Wainohu

18 Nola Campbell

19 Miriama

20 Lynley Tierney - Mani

21 Rachel Cooper

22 Priscilla Moke

23 Vicki Logopati

24 Katrina

Coach: Michael Rawiri

Trainer: Bob

NZ travel to Great Britain for the Inaugural Womens Rugby League World Cup. NZ beat both Gt Britain and Australia and then play Australia in the semis with a win to play Gt Britain in the final and win the World Cup 26-4.


The Kiwi Ferns beat the Jillaroos 12 - 8 in a curtain-raiser match ahead of the Four Nations match between the Kangaroos and Samoa at the WIN Stadium in Wollongong, Australia.[4][5]


The 2015 Anzac Test curtain-raiser match between the Ferns and the Jillaroos was initially to be played on May 1st but was postponed due to bad weather.[6][7] The match commenced on May 3rd at the Suncorp Stadium with the Jillaroos winning the match 22 - 14.[8][9]

Current squad[edit]

Squad at the 2015 Anzac Test Curtain-raiser:[10][11][12]

  1. Laura Mariu
  2. Tasha Davie
  3. Shontelle Dudley
  4. Ina Chong Nee
  5. Teuila Fotu-Moala
  6. Georgia Hale
  7. Annabelle Hohepa
  8. Nora Maaka
  9. Sharon Chungson
  10. Kelly Maipi
  11. Hilda Peters
  12. Kahurangi Peters
  13. Rona Peters
  14. Krystal Rota
  15. Kristina Sue
  16. Atawhai Tupaea
  17. Cynthia Ta'ala
  18. Sharnita Woodman


The current coach of the New Zealand team is Tony Benson, who replaced Alan Jackson in March 2017.[13] Jackson had been the coach since 2015.[14][15]


Full internationals[edit]

Year Team Score Opposition Tournament Venue
1995 New Zealand -- Australia 2 Test Series
New Zealand -- Australia
1997 New Zealand -- Australia 2 Test Series
New Zealand -- Australia
1999 New Zealand -- Australia 3 Test Series
New Zealand -- Australia
New Zealand -- Australia
2000 New Zealand 4 - 26 Great Britain 2000 WRLWC Great Britain
2001 New Zealand -- Australia Test Match
2004 New Zealand -- Australia 2 Test Series
New Zealand -- Australia
2005 New Zealand 58 - 0 New Zealand Māori 2005 WRLWC New Zealand
2008 New Zealand -- Pacific Islands 2008 WRLWC Stockland Park
New Zealand -- Samoa Stockland Park
New Zealand -- Tonga Stockland Park
New Zealand 34 - 0 Australia Suncorp Stadium, Queensland, Australia
2013 New Zealand 88 – 0 France 2013 WRLWC[16] The Tetley's Stadium, England
New Zealand 34 - 16 England England
New Zealand 14 - 6 Australia England
New Zealand 12 - 22 Australia Headingley Rugby Stadium, Leeds
2014 New Zealand 12 - 8 Australia Four Nations curtain-raiser WIN Stadium, Wollongong, Australia
2015 New Zealand 14 – 22 Australia Anzac Test Curtain-raiser Suncorp Stadium, Queensland, Australia
2016 New Zealand 26 – 16 Australia Anzac Test Curtain-raiser McDonal Jones Stadium, Newcastle, Australia




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