New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments

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New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments is a 1975 album by Max Eastley and David Toop. The album was the fourth release on Brian Eno's Obscure Records.

Toop was a music writer, broadcaster and a member of the London Musicians Collective with a particular interest in ethnic percussion and homemade wind instruments.[1] Eastley was a kinetic sculptor who had created unusual new instruments such as the Centriphone and a Hydraphone.[1] Toop and Eastley used these instruments to create the album.

The album was one of the first four releases on Eno's Obscure Records when they were simultaneously released in a limited edition of 2,000 copies each on December 5, 1975. This release had the catalogue number Obscure no.4. In common with most of the releases on Obscure it was produced by Brian Eno.

Track listing and personnel[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. Max Eastley – "Hydrophone" 8:59
  2. Max Eastley – "Metallophone" 7:02
  3. Max Eastley – "The Centriphone" 4:48
  4. Max Eastley – "Elastic Aerophone / Centriphone" 4:56

Side two[edit]

  1. David Toop – "The Chairs Story" 3:30 Voice, Flute, Performer (Water) – David Toop
  2. David Toop – "The Divination of the Bowhead Whale" 16:42 Guitar, Bowed Chordophone – David Toop, Bass (Prepared Bass Guitar) – Brian Eno Drums (3 Bass), Percussion (Large Lorry Hub), Fiddle (2 String) – Paul Burwell Bells (3 Japanese Resting) – Frank Perry Harp (Grill) – Hugh Davies
  3. David Toop – "Do The Bathosphere" 2:35 Voice – David Toop, The Cetaceans – Brian Eno, Chris Munro, Phil Jone


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