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Newag S.A.
joint-stock company
Industry Rail vehicle manufacturer
Founded 1876
Headquarters Nowy Sącz, Poland
Products electric locomotives
Number of employees
1,550 (2014)
Multiple unit ED78
Diesel Locomotive 16D

Newag S.A. is a Polish company, based in Nowy Sącz, specialising in the production, maintenance, and modernisation of railway rolling stock. The company's products include the 14WE, 19WE, 35WE types electric multiple units; it has also developed the Nevelo tram.[1]


In 1876 the Royal Railway Workshop opened, serving a newly built Austrian railway line. After the First World War the establishment, renamed "1st Class Main Workshop" served Polish State Railways, employing some 1800 workers in 1922. In post-World War II communist Poland the workshop was nationalised and later became a separate, though still state-owned, enterprise officially called "Nowy Sacz Railway Stock Repairs Depot in Nowy Sacz, State Independent Enterprise" (Polish: Zakłady Naprawcze Taboru Kolejowego "Nowy Sącz" w Nowym Sączu, Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe Wyodrębnione ), with a workforce of about 3,500 in 1952. The last steam locomotive was serviced in 1972.
After the fall of communism and the economic changes of 1989, the enterprise was transformed into a State Treasury Joint Stock Company, with the Polish state as the only shareholder. The company went through a period of financial turmoil around 2001 and its shares were acquired by a private domestic investor in 2003. The current name was adopted in 2005.

Current products[edit]

  • Nevelo - three-section low-floor tramcar, currently in service in Krákow
  • Impuls - Electric multiple unit for urban, suburban or regional services
  • Volcano - Diesel multiple unit, currently in service in Italy
  • Griffin - Four axle locomotive for express passenger and light-medium freight services
  • Dragon - Six-axle high-power locomotive for heavy freight services

Locomotives are available with both AC electric, DC electric and diesel-electric traction. The Dragon is also available with Last Mile Diesel


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