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Adriatic Base Ball Club of Newark[edit]

The Adriatic club was a member of the National Association of Base Ball Players before the American Civil War. The Adriatics first played another member in September 1857 and joined the NABBP for the 1858 to 1861 seasons.


These are all the Newark Adriatics games listed somewhere by Marshall Wright (2000). For 1857, the game with the Union club of Morrisania, now in the Bronx, is the only listed match versus a non-member club (Adriatic), and the only listed match versus a club outside modern New York City. Only that spring, sixteen clubs within modern New York had convened for the first time, which was later recognized as initiating the Association.

Date Opponent Score Decision Record
September 25th, 1857 Morrisania Union 11-28 Loss 0-1
August 5th, 1858 Morrisania Union 16-33 Loss 0-2
October 28th, 1858 Brooklyn Pastime 45-13 Win 1-2
July 2nd, 1860 New York Eagles 15-18 Loss 1-3
August ?, 1860 Morrisania Union 8-17 Loss 1-4
August 22nd, 1860 Newark Eurekas 6-34 Loss 1-5
September 6th, 1860 Brooklyn Charter Oaks 11-13 Loss 1-6
September 19th, 1860 Newark Eurekas 12-12 Tie 1-6-1
September 5th, 1861 Newark 14-17 Loss 1-7-1


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