Newbridge, County Galway

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Newbridge on the N63 and the River Shiven

Newbridge is a small rural village located in County Galway in Ireland. It is located on a National secondary road, the N63 Galway City - Longford and is 55 km from Galway City and 25 km from Roscommon Town.

The village has had various names in Irish such as "An Droichead Nua" as used officially, but there are also "Gort an Iomaire" and "Cruffan". The English name Newbridge comes from the village's iconic bridge over the Shiven River.

Stone marker on 63 as you enter the town of Newbridge
Local pub, The Shiven Inn, is located next to a general store.

Notable people[edit]

Archbishop Patrick Delaney (1853–1926) of Melbourne, Australia was born in the village of Tonacor, Newbridge.

Chris Hines- Owner of local pub and attached store in Newbridge in mid 1900's. Ran both of these establishments with his wife, Bridie. Their home was adjacent to the property. The Hines family was local to the town.

Curley Family- owned Curley's Woods, acres of land surrounding local farms.

Dean Kelly- Priest of local church. Led the Catholic congregation of Newbridge for years in early 1900's.

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Coordinates: 53°30′34″N 8°25′21″W / 53.50944°N 8.42250°W / 53.50944; -8.42250