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Newbridge Avenue (Irish: Ascaill an Droichid Nua) is a road in the Sandymount district of Dublin which links Herbert Road and Tritonville Road.

In the novel Ulysses, the funeral of the character Paddy Dignam starts here at number 9 and continues on to Glasnevin Cemetery via Tritonville Road.[1][2] The Dignams were said to live at number 9, but the property was, in reality, vacant in 1904.[3]

Both this road and Herbert Road were built across land which once belonged to Haigs' distillery and so it used to be called Haig's Lane.[4] The distillery fields at this location featured in the sensational murder of the Reverend George Wogan in 1826.[5] Construction of houses upon this land then took place in the 1860s.[6]

Due to the Irish property bubble of recent times, properties in this road have risen greatly in value and, in 2006, a house was sold for €2M.[7]

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Coordinates: 53°20′07″N 6°13′25″W / 53.335365°N 6.22368°W / 53.335365; -6.22368