Newcastle Covering Force

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Newcastle Covering Force
BranchAustralian Army
SizeBrigade +
EngagementsSecond World War
John Murray

The Newcastle Covering Force was an Australian militia force responsible for protecting strategically important Newcastle region and its approaches during World War II. Established on 8 April 1941, the formation's composition changed over the course of its existence, starting from a single infantry battalion support by a machine-gun unit and swelling to roughly brigade-size, with a brigade headquarters and three battalions – two infantry and one garrison – supported initially by a machine gun battalion that was later converted to a motor regiment. The unit was responsible for defending the important port and air bases in and around the town, part of Fortress Newcastle, against a feared Japanese invasion.[1] Newcastle Covering Force was converted on 15 April 1942 to the 10th Division, a regular Australian Army unit, following a complete re-organisation of the higher command structures of the Australian Army.[2]


The following units were force assigned to the Newcastle Covering Force:[3]

Commanding Officer[edit]


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