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The Newcastle District was a historic district in Upper Canada which existed until 1849. It was formed in 1802 from the Home District. It consisted of the counties of:

The legislature had enacted in 1798 that "as soon as there are one thousand souls within the said counties, and that six of the townships therein do hold town meetings according to law" (there were ten townships in the District) the government shall declare them a separate district; which was done in 1802.

The district town was originally Newcastle, located near the current town of Brighton, and then Amherst, later renamed Cobourg.

In 1838, the northern part of the District was separated to create Colborne District, containing the new Peterborough County.

In 1849, the District became the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham.


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Coordinates: 43°58′30″N 78°36′14″W / 43.975°N 78.604°W / 43.975; -78.604