Newham Sixth Form College

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Newham Sixth Form College
NewVic logo.jpg
Established 1992
Type Sixth form college
Principal Eddie Playfair
Location Prince Regent Lane
Greater London
E13 8SG
Coordinates: 51°31′20″N 0°01′49″E / 51.5223°N 0.0304°E / 51.5223; 0.0304
Local authority Newham
DfE URN 130452 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Gender Mixed
Ages 16+
Website NewVIc

Newham Sixth Form College, also known as NewVIc, is located in Plaistow in Newham. The college was established in 1992.[1][2]

With more than 2,500 full-time students, NewVIc is one of London’s largest sixth form colleges.[3] It offers a wide range of subjects and courses from specialist A-level pathways to advanced, intermediate and foundation level vocational courses.[1][2] NewVIc also offers opportunities for social development, providing a range of enrichment activities,[4] as well as playing sports recreationally leading to competing at elite level through the Sports Academy.[5]


A school was first opened on the site as the municipal Plaistow Secondary School in 1926.[6][7] In 1945 this became Plaistow Grammar School (later known as Plaistow County Grammar School)[8] which in 1972 merged with Faraday Secondary Modern School to become Cumberland Comprehensive School.[9] On conversion to a sixth form college student numbers grew at a dramatic rate, increasing from 750 in the first year to over 2,000 in the 2002/3 academic year[10] and more than 2,500 in 2009/10.[11] The college was led from 1991 to 2008 by Sid Hughes, who won a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Teaching Awards of 2005[12] and was awarded an honorary degree by University of East London upon his retiring from NewVIc.[13] The current principal is Eddie Playfair, who has been in place since 2008.[14]


The college offers a range of A-levels, an Honours programme, specialist pathways, level 2 and 3 vocational programmes, as well as foundation, entry level and ESOL programmes.[2][15] [16]


NewVIc sends more disadvantaged students to university than any other sixth-form provider in England.[17] The college is also ranked by the Sutton Trust as being in the top 5% of high performing sixth forms in England, in progressing students from disadvantaged backgrounds to university.[18]

A new Learning Resource Centre has been commissioned and the college have invested £6m in the new build on Prince Regent Lane, which also includes a new reception, theatre and cafe.

NewVIc place emphasis on developing students as citizens, and over 435 students were involved in leadership or volunteering in 2016/17.


In 2014, over 700 NewVIc students progressed to university.[17] In 2016 86 students gained places at Russell Group universities. In addition, the college’s pass rate for A-levels and level 3 BTEC subsidiary diplomas was 96%.[19] In 2016, 79% of subsidiary diploma candidates achieved a dinstinction start (D*) or Distinction (D) which is equivalent to A/A* at A Level.[20]


NewVIc’s Sports Academy is one of four London colleges that have been accredited with Sports Leadership status by national charity, Sports Leaders UK.[21] The college has also been successfully awarded £70,000 by Sport England FE Activation Fund for increasing capacity over three years, including a specific focus on disability provision and leadership.[22] this has resulted in significant success for a number of sports including cricket.


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