Newhaven Incinerator

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Coordinates: 50°47′46″N 0°03′22″E / 50.796°N 0.056°E / 50.796; 0.056

Newhaven Incinerator

The Newhaven Incinerator is an incinerator for the treatment of up to 210,000 tonnes per annum of East Sussex's municipal solid waste. The facility, built by Veolia Environmental Services, was approved by planners at the Conservative-controlled East Sussex County Council.[1][2]

The facility treats household waste that cannot be reused, composted or recycled and generates electricity from it. The electricity produced is sold to the National Grid (Great Britain) and is enough to supply 25,000 homes.

This facility was constructed  against the wishes of the people of Newhaven democracy not a word known by LDC.Campaign group Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary claimed that more than 11,000 objections were made against the plans for the incinerator. In its petition, the group said: "The incinerator proposed by East Sussex County Council will dominate the town of Newhaven with two chimneys towering over 230 feet (70 m) high, the main building of the incinerator will be over 100 feet (30 m) high and more than 500 feet (150 m) long. The site is on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in a valley which is between the two halves of Newhaven."


Construction of the incinerator began in April 2008 and was completed in late 2011.[3] The facility became operational in 2012. Construction of a new facility in Lewes is expected once Newhaven town coucil has approved the plans.