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Newhaven Sanctuary lies 363 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs at the junction of three distinct bioregions: the Great Sandy Desert, MacDonnell Ranges and Burt Plain in the Northern Territory of Australia.

It was established when Newhaven Station, a pastoral cattle-grazing property in the arid zone of the Northern Territory was purchased by Birds Australia in December 2000 in order to conserve its outstanding natural values. At 2,622 square kilometres in area, Newhaven is five times the size of Birds Australia's other reserve, Gluepot, in South Australia.

Newhaven's landforms include parallel dunes, salt lakes, claypans, plains and rocky hills. Vegetation includes grasslands, woodlands and shrublands, which can be subdivided into ten distinct vegetation communities, with over 100 species of plants recorded.

Several threatened species of birds and other animals have been recorded on Newhaven. These include the grey falcon, night parrot, princess parrot, striated grasswren, grey honeyeater, mulgara, black-flanked rock-wallaby, greater bilby, marsupial mole and great desert skink.

Newhaven is surrounded by Aboriginal lands. People from the Warlpiri, Luritja and Anmatyerre language groups have a traditional association with the area. Aboriginal sacred sites have been identified on the property.

In December 2005 Birds Australia signed an agreement with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) that saw AWC assume ownership and day-to-day financial responsibility for Newhaven, while allowing for Birds Australia to have long-term involvement in the management of the reserve, Birds Australia members to have access, and ensuring the conservation of the flora and fauna.

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