Newlincs EfW facility

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Newlincs EfW facility
Grimsby incinerator.jpg
NewLincs EfW facility in 2008
Newlincs EfW facility is located in Lincolnshire
Newlincs EfW facility
Location of Newlincs EfW facility in Lincolnshire
Official name NewLincs EfW facility
Country England
Location Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the Humber
Coordinates 53°36′23″N 0°08′38″W / 53.6063°N 0.1439°W / 53.6063; -0.1439Coordinates: 53°36′23″N 0°08′38″W / 53.6063°N 0.1439°W / 53.6063; -0.1439
Commission date 2004
Operator(s) NewLincs Developments Ltd
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Waste
grid reference TA229138

The Newlincs EfW facility is an incinerator which is located in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England. The plant is operated by Cyclerval UK & TIRU Group under a PFI contract. The engineering of the facility is unusual as it consists of an oscillating kiln handling 56,000 tonnes of waste per year/7 tonnes per hour of waste. The facility is capable of generating 3.2 MW electricity.[1]

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