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Newman College
Floreat & Churchlands, WA
Australia  Australia
Coordinates 31°55′26″S 115°47′11″E / 31.9239°S 115.7865°E / -31.9239; 115.7865Coordinates: 31°55′26″S 115°47′11″E / 31.9239°S 115.7865°E / -31.9239; 115.7865
Type Private, Co-educational
Motto Through Shadows and Images to Truth
Denomination Catholic
Established 1977
Enrolment 1800

Royal Blue and Sky Blue

Slogan Educating In the Marist tradition

Newman College is a Pre K–12 co-educational Catholic school which operates in the Marist tradition. It is currently a joint governed college with the governors being the Archbishop of Perth, Archbishop Barry Hickey, and the Provincial of the Marist Brothers of the Southern Province of Australia, Brother Paul Gilchrist. The College is a foundation member of the Association of Marist Schools of Australia (AMSA).


The college name is derived from that of the English scholar and philosopher, Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801–1890), a man who spent half of his life an Anglican and the latter half a Catholic. His influence upon both churches continues to this day.


The current college enrolment numbers are 1800 and students are split across three campuses. The Kindergarten to Year 2 students are located on the Marian Campus in Floreat, the year 3-6 students are located on the Lavalla Campus in Churchlands and the year 7-12 students on the Marcellin Campus in Churchlands.


The Primary part of Newman College is situated on two campuses. Marian Campus, catering for students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2. The Lavalla Campus at Churchlands caters for years 3 to 6, is adjacent to the Marcellin Campus, years 7-12.


Year 7 is the first year for students who move from primary to secondary. Along with those who come from the primary school are those who come from the multiple feeder schools. The secondary campus of Newman College is the Marcellin Campus. it is on the western side of the site on which both the Lavalla and Marcellin Campuses are located. The Marcellin campus is served by public transport and school buses.


There are eight guilds in the secondary school at Newman and 4 factions in the primary school. The Guilds in the secondary school compete against each other in different carnivals throughout the school year like Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country to try and win points for their guild. The guild with the most points overall at the end of the year is the Champion Guild. In the primary school, there is one overall winner for each carnival- Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

Guilds Colours
Brigid Green and Yellow
Camara Blue and Yellow
Catherine Red and Green
Chisholm Purple and Yellow
Mackillop Blue and Red
Marcellin Red and Yellow
Romero Green and Blue
Thomas More Purple and Green
Factions Colour
Brigid Yellow
Delany Red
Knox Green
Marcellin Blue

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