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Newman family
The Newmans.png
The Young and the Restless family
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by John Conboy
Duration 1980–
First appearance February 8, 1980 (1980-02-08)

The Newman family are one of the core families on the American soap opera, The Young and the Restless, which is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin. They were introduced in February 1980, when Victor Newman arrived in town. Eventually, Victor was paired with Nicole Reed, who has notably become the family's prominent matriarch, having been married to Victor three times. The family is currently represented by Victor, Nikki and his three living children: Victoria, Nicholas, and Abby Newman. The family is also well known for its long standing feud with the Abbott family. The Newmans run the multinational conglomerate Newman Enterprises. They have lived at their ranch for three decades. In October 2012, the ranch's mainhouse was burned down by Sharon Newman; though it was soon rebuilt.

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Albert Miller (George Kennedy)
    (deceased as of 2003) – Matt and Christian's father, who abandoned his family, causing his son to be raised in an orphanage. After years of him being missing, Victor and his son Nicholas flew to Canada to pay him one last hostile visit in November 2003.[1]
    • Cora Miller (Dorothy McGuire)
      (deceased as of 1984) – Victor's mother. She appeared on the series in 1984, while dying. Victor brought her to the ranch to spend her final days. She met her granddaughter Victoria.[2]

Second generation[edit]

  • Victor Christian Newman Sr. (born Christian Miller) (Eric Braeden)
    Victor Newman was born as Christian Miller under poor and struggling conditions. Since the age of 7, he had grown up in an orphanage. His mother promised to return for him but never did, and he ran away as a teenager with nothing. He became a successful billionaire business tycoon. He arrived in Genoa City in 1980 to run Chancellor Industries for Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) who hired him. He is the family patriarch and runs his company Newman Enterprises.[3]
  • Matt Miller (Robert Parucha) – Matt is the brother of Victor. He lived in Genoa City for two years (1983–85).

Third generation[edit]

  • Victoria Nicole Newman (Heather Tom, Amelia Heinle),
    daughter of Victor and Nikki.Victoria was originally born on November 17, 1982 to Victor and his wife, Nikki (however her birth date was since revised to 1975 in 1991). Victoria has worked for the family company numerous times over the years and has been Chief Executive Officer multiple times. Her current partner is Billy Abbott. She is the mother of three children. Reed is her oldest son whom she had with J.T. Hellstrom, and she has an adopted son, Johnny and a daughter, Katherine, with Billy.[4]
  • Nicholas "Nick" Christian Newman (Joshua Morrow),
    son of Victor and Nikki. Nick was originally born on January 1, 1988 as the son of Victor and Nikki. His birth date has been revised to 1976 as of 1994. As of September 2008, he is said to be 35 years old. Nick has also worked at Newman Enterprises, but has tried to break away from his father by co-creating his own magazine Restless Style. He lives on the Newman ranch. His most notable marriages have been to Sharon Collins and Phyllis Summers. He is the father of four children – Cassie, Noah, Summer, and Faith. His eleven-year marriage to Sharon ended after the death of Cassie when Nick had an affair with Phyllis and ended up having a daughter, Summer, together. Soon after, he has another child with Sharon, Faith.[5]
  • Victor Adam Newman Jr. (Chris Engen, Michael Muhney, Justin Hartley),
    son of Victor and Hope. Adam was originally born on April 24, 1995 to Victor and his then-wife, Hope Adams (Signy Coleman). His birth date was revised to April 27, 1981 when in 2008, he arrived in Genoa City at the age of 27. Adam grew up with his mother in Kansas without knowledge of Victor being his father. He was brought back into Victor's life following Hope's death. Adam plotted revenge against the Newmans and has had an extremely bad relationship with his paternal family. He is a businessman having attended Harvard Business School, and has worked at Newman Enterprises. He was married to Nick's ex, Sharon, whose daughter he controversially stole at birth. Adam married Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) in 2011. The two remarried in 2013 and Chelsea gave birth to a son, Connor. Adam is presumed dead due to a altercation with (Billy Abbott).[6]
  • Abigail "Abby" Rachel Newman (Marcy Rylan, Melissa Ordway),
    daughter of Victor and Ashley. Abby was originally born on November 13, 2000 as the daughter of Victor and his then-wife, Ashley Abbott. In May 2010, she was 21 years old, meaning her birth date was revised to November 13, 1989. Growing up, Abby was thought to be the daughter of Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) but eventually found out she was Victor Newman's. As a young adult, she gained notoriety in the media as the "Naked Heiress". Brad died in 2009. She currently resides in Genoa City (as of February 2013).[7]

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Cassidy "Cassie" Ann Newman (Camryn Grimes)
    Cassie was born on January 8, 1991, as the daughter of Sharon Collins and her boyfriend, Frank Barritt. As a young teen, Sharon was unable at the time and subsequently gave her up for adoption. When Sharon married Nick and, with Nick adopting her, she became a part of the Newman family. In 2005, Cassie died as a result of driving with a drunken Daniel Romalotti. In 2014, it was revealed that Cassie has a twin sister, Mariah Copeland.[8]
  • Noah Christian Newman (Kevin Schmidt, Robert Adamson)
    Noah was originally born on March 3, 1997, as the son of Nick and Sharon. In 2009, he turned 16, and as of 2015, appears to be 25. Growing up, he dealt with Cassie's death and the divorce of his parents, after his father had an affair with Phyllis. Noah became a rebellious teen and had a relationship with Eden Baldwin. He was a musician and is currently a bartender.[9]
  • Summer Ann Newman (Lindsay Bushman, Hunter King)
    Summer was originally born on December 18, 2006, later changed to December 18, 1994, as the love child of Nick and Phyllis. She was kidnapped as an infant by Sheila Carter along with Fenmore Baldwin, one of her closest friends. In 2012, she was rapidly aged to 17, and is currently 20 years old, along with Fenmore.[10] In 2013, it was believed that she was the biological daughter of Jack Abbott, not Nick. Later, it was revealed that Sharon tampered with the results thus proving that Nick is the biological father.
  • Reed Newman Hellstrom (Max Page, Tristan Lake Leabu)[11]
    Reed was born on December 3, 2007 later changed to December 3, 2006 during an emergency C-section, to Victoria and her then-husband, J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). He moved to DC with J.T. in 2010, having made numerous visits since. He returned to Genoa City in December 2016 as a 15 year old. He currently lives with Victoria and his siblings Johnny and Katie.
  • Faith Cassidy Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind)[12]
    Faith was born September 30, 2009, But was later changed to September 30, 2006, or September 30, 2007, as the daughter of Nick and Sharon. Faith's birth was predicted by their previous daughter who died, Cassie, on her death bed. She was stolen at birth by Adam, who gave her to Ashley Abbott as her own. She was since reunited with Nick and Sharon.
  • John "Johnny" Abbott IV
    Biological son of Billy Abbott and Chelsea Lawson, born April 9, 2012. Adopted by Billy's wife Victoria Newman, after Chelsea relinquished her parental rights.
  • Connor Adam Newman
    Son of Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson. Born August 12, 2013. Formerly believed to be the son of Dylan McAvoy, due to Chelsea hiding Connor's true paternity.
  • Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman
    Katie is the daughter of Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott. She was born on November 17, 2014, and named in honor of Katherine Chancellor and her late half-sister Delia's love of roses. First biological member of both the Newman and Abbott families.
  • Christian Andrew Newman
    Christian is the son of Adam Newman and Sage Warner but was born around the time Nick and Sage were married the legal son of Nick and Sage, who was born several months before his expected due date, on October 7, 2015. He was previously thought to be Nick's son. He is the namesake of his grandfather's birth name, as well Nick and Noah's middle name.




Family tree[edit]

Albert Miller
Cora Miller
Hope Wilson
Nikki Reed
Victor Newman
Ashley Abbott
Matt Miller
Sage Warner
Adam Newman
Chelsea Lawson
Billy Abbott
Victoria Newman
J. T. Hellstrom
Abby Newman
Phyllis Summers
Nicholas Newman
Sharon Collins
Christian Newman
Connor Newman
Johnny Abbott
(adopted by Victoria)
Reed Hellstrom
Summer Newman
Cassie Newman
(adopted by Nick)
Noah Newman
Faith Newman

Newman Enterprises[edit]

Newman Enterprises
Industry Conglomerate
Predecessor Newman Enterprises
Jabot Cosmetics
Founder Victor Newman
Headquarters Genoa City, Wisconsin, United States
Key people
Victor Newman
Abby Newman
Services Real Estate
Venture Capital
Owners Victor Newman (Majority Shareholder, Chairman, CEO)
Victoria Newman (Shareholder)
Nicholas Newman (Shareholder)
Abby Newman (Shareholder)
Divisions Newman Energy
Newman Real Estate
Newman Venture Capital
Subsidiaries Granville Global
NVP Retreats

Newman Enterprises is a worldwide conglomerate founded by Victor Newman in 1980. In 2013, it became known as Newman-Chancellor Industries, following the death of Katherine Chancellor and the merger of Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries until Chancellor Industries was sold to Jill Abbott and Cane Ashby in 2015. After that, it was briefly known as Newman-Abbott Enterprises following a merger with Jabot Cosmetics, until the merger was undone and the two companies separated, making it Newman Enterprises once again.

Newman Enterprises[edit]

Newman Enterprises was a worldwide conglomerate founded in 1980 by Victor Newman, following his departure from Chancellor Industries. The company operated with three divisions: Real Estate, Cosmetics and Venture Capital; and numerous subsidiaries. Throughout the company's history, its main rival has been Jabot Cosmetics.

For years, Newman's chief rival in the cosmetics industry was Jabot Cosmetics but after it went public Victor bought up most of the stock and acquired the company. For years Victor was Chairman of the Board and CEO with Jack Abbott, Brad Carlton, Jill Foster Abbott, Ashley Abbott, and Neil Winters all serving as underlings. Jack, Brad, and Neil served as coCEO but only short term as Victor always intended to pass Newman Enterprises on to his children. This caused longtime employee Neil Winters to resign and become CEO of Chancellor Industries.

For years Victor as Chairman and CEO ruthlessly ran Newman Enterprises and made it one of the largest and most successful conglomerates in the world. Both Victoria and Nicholas worked their way up at Newman Enterprises to eventually become board members and CEO's respectively. After the death of Victor's ex-wife Hope Wilson Victor invited his younger son Victor Adam Newman, Jr. to come work at Newman Enterprises. Adam was a Harvard-educated Wall Street stockbroker and inherited much of Victor's business savvy but his ambition and jealousy put him at odds with Victor and his siblings but Adam served briefly as Chairman of the Board and CEO and managed to retain a seat on the board after Newman Enterprises went public.

For years Newman Enterprises was a private company but after his daughters Victoria and Abby and eldest son Nicholas successfully sued Victor for $1.5 billion Victor took the company public. Despite this Victor forgave his children and they have returned to work at Newman Enterprises.

Since the lawsuit, there have been many changes in Newman Enterprises in terms of CEO. When Victor was jailed, Adam Newman took on the roll of CEO, but Victor later returned. A few months later, Victor disappeared because of mental health issues, and his then-wife, Sharon Newman took over the roll of CEO out of revenge towards the Newmans, mainly Victor, Nicholas, Victoria, Abby, Adam and Nikki. A court ruling made Victoria Newman acting CEO while Sharon underwent court ordered psychological evaluation, but the decision was reversed soon after. Sharon's tenure as CEO saw stocks at Newman plummet, but her term ended once Victor returned alive retaking control of his company. Due to the plummet in stocks, Tucker McCall conspired with Jack Abbott in a hostile takeover to control Newman Enterprises. They purchased significant stock. With Tucker's support, Jack was successful in his bid to become CEO. Jack fired Victor, Victoria, and Nicholas as he planned to change the face of the company by renaming it "Abbott Enterprises". Jack became addicted to painkillers but covered-up with help from Adam Newman.

Jack resigned as CEO and Adam convinced the board to appoint him CEO. Victor began plotting a takeover but when Adam was shot defending Victor they agreed to work together. Adam raises enough money from an anonymous source to buy out the remaining stockholders and the Newmans retake complete control of Newman Enterprises. Victor discovers that Adam's secret investor that allowed the Newmans to retake control of Newman Enterprises was Jack Abbott; this causes a rift between Victor and Adam in which Adam signs over his shares in the company to Victor. Upon the death of Victor's close friend Katherine Chancellor, Victor inherits majority ownership of Chancellor Industries and immediately plans a merger between Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises with Victoria heading the project. The new company emerged with the name Newman-Chancellor Industries.


  • Brash and Sassy Cosmetics
  • Newman Energy
    • Drilling
    • Transportation
    • Refining and marketing
  • Newman Real Estate
    • "Castle Properties"
    • "Gerolamo Limited"
  • Newman Venture Capitals
    • "Ra-Tech"
    • "Granville Global"
    • "NVP Retreats"


Current personnel[edit]

  • Linda Helgesson (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Abby Newman (Shareholder, Member of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Operating Officer)
  • Nicholas Newman (Shareholder, Member of the Board of Directors; Former Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Executive)
  • Nikki Newman (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Summer Newman (Intern)
  • Victor Newman (Founder; Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chairman of the Board)
  • Victoria Newman (Shareholder, Member of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Former Chief Operating Officer, and President of Brash & Sassy; Formerly worked in the mailroom)
  • Natalie Soderberg (Executive Assistant)
  • Grace Turner (Executive) ·

Former personnel[edit]

  • Bob Adams (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Billy Abbott (Former acting co-CEO)
  • Jack Abbott (Former CEO)
  • Kyle Abbott (Former executive)
  • Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Michael Baldwin (Former General Counsel)
  • Brad Carlton (Former Chief Operating Officer, Executive, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer)
  • Colleen Carlton (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Avery Bailey Clark (Former Chief Legal Counsel)
  • Melanie Daniels (Legal Counsel)
  • Curtis Fielding (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Devon Hamilton (Former Intern)
  • JT Hellstrom (Former Director of Security)
  • Davis Holloway (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Diane Jenkins (Former Architect, Consultant and Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Tucker McCall (Former Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Ryan McNeil (Former Assistant to Victor Newman; Formerly worked at Brash & Sassy, Newman Men's Line and mailroom)
  • Carmen Mesta (Former Public Relations Officer)
  • Adam Newman (Former Shareholder, Member of the Board of Directors; Former CEO of Chelsea 2.0, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Junior vice president, Executive)
  • Chelsea Newman (Former Executive; In charge of Chelsea 2.0)
  • Noah Newman (Former Intern)
  • Alex Perez (Former General Counsel)
  • Daniel Romalotti (Former Intern)
  • Luca Santori (Former Shareholder, Former Executive)
  • Marisa Sierras (Former Executive Assistant)
  • Mitchell Sherman (Former General Counsel)
  • John Silva (Former General Counsel)
  • Phyllis Summers (Former Director of Internet Affairs and vice president of research and development)
  • Karen Taylor (Former Director of Marketing and Director of Consolidated Cosmetics Division)
  • Sage Warner (Former Executive at Chelsea 2.0)
  • Connie Wayne (Victor's Former secretary)
  • Mason Wilder (Former Executive Assistant to Jack Abbott and Adam Newman)
  • Christine Blair Williams (Former General Counsel)
  • Drucilla Winters (Former Director of Consolidated Cosmetics Division)
  • Neil Winters (Former Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Operation Officer and Mentor to Drucilla Winters; Former Acting Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Liaision)

The Newman ranch[edit]

"The Newman Ranch at 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B, on the outskirts of Genoa City, has born witness to quite a lot of drama since Victor bought the property more than 30 years ago. In addition to the many romantic candlelit dinners and holiday celebrations, there's been the basement imprisonment of Michael Scott (the lover of Victor's first wife, Julia), several life-threatening events – including Nikki being shot by Veronica Landers – and Adam's haunting of Ashley. Most memorably, of course, Victor changed Nikki's life forever when he invited her to live at the ranch. "You were going to make a lady out of me," she remembered, tearfully surveying what remained of her beloved home after the recent devastating fire. Victor's reply: "It's a building. The memories we have are in our hearts. Always will be." And so they will be in ours!"[13]
The Young and the Restless' official website on the Newman ranch following it being torched by Sharon Newman

Victor and his wife at the time, Julia Newman, bought the Newman ranch from Katherine Chancellor in 1980. According to Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential, it is one of the show's most "iconic sets".[14] In October 2012, during a mental breakdown, Sharon Newman drank at the Newman ranch. She ended up setting the curtains at the ranch on fire, burning down the mainhouse completely. Adam Newman took her away into hiding immediately.[15][16]

List of the Newman staff:[17]

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