Newman Ivey White

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Newman Ivey White
Born February 3, 1892
Statesville, North Carolina
Died December 6, 1948
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Resting place Statesville, North Carolina
Education Trinity College of Duke University, Harvard
Occupation English Professor
Employer Duke University
Spouse(s) Marie Anne Updyke

Newman Ivey White (1892–1948) was a professor of English at Duke University. He was born February 3, 1892 in Statesville, North Carolina. He was a noted Shelley scholar, as well as a collector of American folklore, including folk songs and Duke limericks. He served as Professor of English at Trinity College and Duke University from 1919 to 1948.** A professorship at Duke has been named in his honor.


  • An Anthology of Verse by American Negroes 1924
  • American Negro Folk Songs 1928
  • Shelley 1940
  • Portrait of Shelley 1945