Newnham Castle

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Newnham Castle
Newnham, Kent, England
Newnham Castle is located in Kent
Newnham Castle
Newnham Castle
Coordinates51°17′09″N 0°48′08″E / 51.2858°N 0.8021°E / 51.2858; 0.8021Coordinates: 51°17′09″N 0°48′08″E / 51.2858°N 0.8021°E / 51.2858; 0.8021
Grid referencegrid reference TQ955578

Newnham Castle was a medieval castle in the village of Newnham, Kent, England.


Newnham Castle was built by the Normans, probably by Fulk de Newenham in the mid-12th century during the civil war known as the Anarchy.[1] The castle was located on a scarp to the north of the village and comprised a motte and bailey design.[1] It had a stone keep approximately 6.2 metres (20 ft) by 6.1 metres (20 ft), with 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) thick walls, with unusual curved corners.[2] Once built, a mound was piled up around the tower to produce the motte, in a similar fashion to that seen at Farnham.[1]

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