Newport, Gloucestershire

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The Stagecoach

Newport is a village in Alkington parish, Gloucestershire, England. Located along the A38 road roughly halfway between Bristol and Gloucester. It is located about a mile south-east of Berkeley and just north of Woodford. It is on the Doverte Brook, a tributary of the Little Avon River. It has a pub ('The Stagecoach') formally the white Heart, a closed down motel ('The Newport Towers'), and a small non-conformist chapel.The chapel closed October 2006 and it has a Georgian Interior with hat pegs and galleries and several broken harmoniums. Prior to the advent of the motor car, when the journey between Bristol and Gloucestershire took a whole day. It was a perfect staging point for stagecoaches at that time. There were many inns, some catering for the post. The coaches would have a change of horses, the coachmen and passengers having a mid-journey rest stop.

Coordinates: 51°41′N 2°26′W / 51.683°N 2.433°W / 51.683; -2.433