Newport State Park

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Newport State Park
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
NiagaraEscarpmentOutcroppings LakeMichiganShore.jpg
Outcroppings at Newport State Park approximately 10 feet (3 m; 3 yd) from Lake Michigan.
Map showing the location of Newport State Park
Map showing the location of Newport State Park
Map showing the location of Newport State Park
Map showing the location of Newport State Park
LocationDoor, Wisconsin, United States
Coordinates45°14′6″N 86°59′39″W / 45.23500°N 86.99417°W / 45.23500; -86.99417Coordinates: 45°14′6″N 86°59′39″W / 45.23500°N 86.99417°W / 45.23500; -86.99417
Area2,373 acres (9.60 km2)
Governing bodyWisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Newport State Park is a 2,373-acre (960 ha) Wisconsin state park at the tip of Door Peninsula near Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. Protecting 11 miles (18 km) of shoreline on Lake Michigan, Newport is Wisconsin's only wilderness-designated state park. In 2017, the International Dark-Sky Association named Newport a Dark-sky preserve.[1] The park is open year-round[2] and can be accessed via Wisconsin state highway 42.

Air pollution monitor[edit]

2016 HYSPLIT map

The only public air pollution monitor in the county is located in Newport State Park.[3] Most air pollution reaching the station comes from outside the county. This map shows how air travels to the monitoring station. Because the station is near the shore, only the red lines (which show the lower air currents) meaningfully depict the path of ozone to the monitor. As shown on the map, these lower air currents carry polluted air from major urban areas. Farther inland, however, the air from higher up mixes more, so all color lines are significant when tracing the path of air pollution further inland, and these higher air currents (shown in green and blue) blow in from cleaner, mostly rural areas.[4]


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