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For the English hamlet, see Newsbank, Cheshire.
NewsBank logo.svg
Founded 1972
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Naples, Florida
Publication types Databases
Imprints Readex
Official website

NewsBank, Inc. is a major provider of news and information to public libraries, colleges and universities, schools, government and military libraries, genealogists and others around the world. Through partnerships with publishers and other entities, NewsBank has compiled collections containing thousands of U.S. and international sources of information and many millions of articles from the seventeenth century to the present date.[1] It has been based in Naples, Florida since 1990.[2]

NewsBank started in 1972 in Fairfield County, Connecticut, by producing a database of clippings from 100 newspapers with an associated print index. In 1986 NewsBank created the first news CD-ROM that went into libraries and schools. By the mid-1990s, full cover-to-cover versions of newspapers were being distributed over the Internet. In 2001 NewsBank acquired Knight Ridder's Mediastream product.[3] NewsBank's Media Services division enables publishers to use current and archived content to generate additional revenue and increase web traffic.

In 1983, NewsBank acquired the Readex Microprint Corporation in Chester, Vermont, and expanded into government and historical documents. Readex, which remains a division within NewsBank, offers the Archive of Americana, World Newspaper Archive and digital editions of open-source intelligence (OSINT) materials, including the Foreign Broadcast Information Service and the Joint Publications Research Service.

Access World News[edit]

NewsBank's product Access World News is a Web-based search engine that covers the vast majority of U.S. newspapers by circulation, along with thousands of other local, regional and international news and information sources.

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