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News Team 13
Created by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
Developed by IBC News and Public Affairs
Directed by Ellen "Renz" Argano
Presented by Vincent Santos
Opening theme "Last Hurdle" by David Flavin and Rolly Rudzitis
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes N/A (airs daily)
Executive producer(s) Kathleen Jean Forbes
Location(s) IBC 13 Studios
Broadcast City, Quezon City
Running time 30 minutes (afternoon/primetime edition, 2011-2013; 2016-present)
60 minutes (afternoon/primetime edition, 2013-2016)
30 minutes (evening edition, 2011-2014; 2015)
60 minutes, (evening edition, 2014-2015)
Original network IBC 13
Picture format 480i 4:3 (SDTV)
Audio format Mono
Original release August 8, 2011 – present
Preceded by IBC Express Balita (as late afternoon newscast)
IBC News Tonight (as late night newscast)

News Team 13 is the flagship news program broadcast by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation.

It airs at 6:00-6:30 PM (PST) on Mondays to Fridays.

Airing history[edit]

As News Team 13 (2011-2013)[edit]

News Team 13 premiered on August 8, 2011, as the result of the merger of IBC Express Balita and IBC News Tonight. The newscast then aired at 4:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. It was then anchored by Zyrene Parsad-Valencia and Cathy Eigenmann.

As News Team 13 2.0 (2013-present)[edit]

It was relaunched on September 30, 2013 with a new set, new graphics design, and the introduction of new anchors Vincent Santos and Phoebe Javier, who came from the now defunct RPN NewsWatch of the closed-down RPN. Meanwhile, News Team 13 afternoon edition extends into an hour-long newscast (formerly 30 minutes).

On November 11, 2013, as part of the Media ng Bayan's coverage of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), NT13 afternoon edition moved its timeslot from 4pm (original) to 5pm (permanent).

Last June 2, 2014, as part of ATC @ IBC, NT13 primetime edition moved its timeslot from 5pm to 6pm. On June 16, 2014, Jess Caduco joined the anchors of News Team 13 10pm edition as the newscast extended into an hour; Caduco was put as co-host of Phoebe Javier. On October 6, 2014, Caduco went solo as the host of the late evening edition of NT13 as his former co-host Javier was transferred to the earlier edition, replacing Czarinah Lusuegro who has moved to RadyoBisyon. On August 2016, Santos was the sole anchor of the newscast up to this day.


Current anchors[edit]

  • Vincent Santos (2013–present)

Former anchors[edit]

  • Zyrene Parsad-Valencia (2011-2013, afternoon edition)
  • Cathy Eigenmann (2011-2012, evening edition; 2015-2016, afternoon edition)
  • Czarinah Lusuegro (2012-2013; 2015, evening edition; 2013-2014, afternoon edition; moved to PTV-4/Radyo ng Bayan)
  • Ralf Rivas (2011-2012)
  • Lil Mateo (2013, evening edition)
  • Phoebe Javier (2013-2014, evening edition; 2014-2015, afternoon edition)
  • Jess Caduco (2014-2015, evening edition)

Substitute anchors[edit]

  • Kathleen Forbes (substitute anchor for Santos)
  • Greg Gregorio (substitute anchor for Santos; also a reporter)

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