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Albania's news industry covers the press, television and radio.

The Albanian national news agency is the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA), which uses the English language, as well as the Albanian language.

The press[edit]


The following newspapers are most published in Albania:[1]

Albanian Name English name Established Political alignment Frequency Circulation (in 2001) Remarks
Albania Albania 08-09-1995 Unaffiliated center Unknown
Shekulli Century May 12, 1999 Unaffiliated center left Daily 22,167
Gazeta Shqiptare Albanian Newspaper Left Daily 9,677
Korrieri Courier March 28, 2001 Unaffiliated center left Daily 8,000
Koha Jonë Our Time May 11, 1991 Right winged, Liberal Daily 7,833
Rilindja Demokratike Democratic reborn January 5, 1991 Democratic Party Daily 5,333 This Newspaper is part of Democratic Party of Albania
Zëri i Popullit Voice of the People 1944 Marxism-Leninism, now Social democracy Daily 5,167 This Newspaper was first part of Party of Labour of Albania (1944–1992) and now Socialist Party of Albania (1992–present)
Tema Theme Unaffiliated right Daily 5,000
Republika Republik Republican Party Daily 5,000 Part of Republican Party of Albania
Gazeta 55 Newspaper 55 October 18, 1997 Anti-communist, Liberal Daily 4,500

Private newspapers[edit]

Political newspapers[edit]



Albania has four television networks:




Albania has three radio networks:




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