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NewspaperDirect Inc. is a digital newspaper distribution and publishing operator with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and offices in New York, London, Vienna and Düsseldorf. NewspaperDirect Inc. underwent a rebrand in November 2013 and is doing business as PressReader.[1]

Company history[edit]

Founded in 1999, NewspaperDirect has agreements with over 5,800 newspaper and magazine publishers from 100 countries to market, sell and/or print their publications around the world and over the internet.

Print-On-Demand is the company's digital newspaper printing network, with over 100 licensed partners, at more than 1,200 print locations in 105 countries.

Same-day editions of international publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, the International Herald Tribune, The Times, Le Figaro, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Daily Mail, El País, South China Morning Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, and Il Giornale are available to luxury hotels, libraries, cruise ships, corporate offices, yachts, retail outlets, research facilities, home subscribers, international summits/events and Web browsers.

In 2005, NewspaperDirect introduced its two digital platforms, (an online newspaper kiosk) and SmartEdition (a universal publishing platform for electronic editions of newspapers and magazines).

Products and technology[edit][edit]

PressDisplay Home Page is an online newspaper kiosk with over 1,900 publications, from 92 countries in 43 languages. allows users to view and interact with full replicas of publications using a generic Internet browser and includes interactive tables of content, foreign language translation, article blogging, email sharing, clickable URL's, emails and phone numbers, search and media monitoring, alerts, bookmarks, text–to–voice conversion. It runs on PCs, Macs, Ultra-mobile PCs, TabletPCs, iPhones, smartphones, Blackberry and iPod Touch devices and eReaders, like the iRex DR 1000.

Customized versions of PressDisplay are available for libraries,[2][3] hotels and corporations. It is also offered as a white-label solution (e.g. MSN UK PressDisplay)



NewspaperDirect's SmartEdition ePaper solution, powered by PressDisplay technology is the universal publishing platform for dozens of electronic editions, including e-xpresso, Times Online, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Washington Post, New York Post e-Edition, Le Figaro in PDF, The Guardian and The Observer, The Jerusalem Post, Bangkok Post and Canadian publishers Canwest, Sun Media and Transcontinental, to name a few.

Reading Map Technology

SmartEdition includes NewspaperDirect's proprietary Reading Map technology that allows publishers to analyze reading patterns throughout their publication, to gain insight into what elements of the publication are most, and least, read. This information is used to better understand the impact of editorial content, layout and advertising on reading behavior. Ad Value Map, which uses Reading Map technology, helps advertisers understand which pages in a newspaper are optimal for advertising based on reading behavior of users.


Print On Demand

NewspaperDirect's Print-On-Demand solution enables out-of-market newspapers to be printed in different types of locations around the globe. Print-On-Demand is powered by the ND PrintStation, which consists of a standard digital printer and a PC with NewspaperDirect's subscription and printing management software. When connected to the Internet, the PrintStation downloads and prints a single or multiple copies of the newspapers available on the NewspaperDirect network.

PrintStations are located at the offices of NewspaperDirect distributors, on cruise ships, in hotels, retail shops, libraries, corporate offices, yachts, marinas and conference centers and at major international events such as the G8 Summit, World Cup and the Olympic Games.

ND Press[edit]

ND Press

ND Press is a web-based Print-On-Demand solution that enables businesses to print newspapers on-site, using their existing in-house printers. ND Press is offered as a subscription-based service with monthly, quarterly and annual plans providing a selection of print volumes. Upon subscribing, users download and activate a printing/offline reading application, PressReader, which works with ND Press through the NewspaperDirect global network to provide complete newspaper printing and reading functionality.


The NewspaperDirect License Partner network consists of over 100 distribution partners in 105 countries. NewspaperDirect also has over 90 international agents which resell Library and Corporate PressDisplay, including ProQuest, Swets and EBSCO. As a Microsoft Premium Partner, NewspaperDirect develops content applications for Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs.


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