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Newstrike Capital Inc. (TSX-VNES) is a Canadian junior mining exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It operates in the State of Guerrero and the State of Oaxaca, Mexico and focuses on gold and silver exploration targeting known and historic mining districts in Mexico.


In March 2008, Newstrike Capital Inc. entered into the mineral exploration and development sector when it combined with Aurea Mining Inc., a former Canadian mineral resource company.[1]

In June 2008 Newstrike Capital Inc. officially acquired Aurea Mining and in October 2008 was accepted for filing in the TSX Venture Exchange.[1]

Through Aurea Mining Inc., Newstrike Capital Inc. obtained over 158,000 hectares of mineral claims in the State of Guerrero, a gold bearing oxidized iron skarn-porphyry camp (known also as the Guerrero Gold Belt) and in the State of Oaxaca, a polymetallic Ag-Au-Cu rich epithermal camp.[1]

Corporate Governance[edit]

The current boards of Directors are: Richard O'C. Whittall, Ken Thorsen, Robert K. Withers, and Kevin Rathbun.[2]


Ana Paula[edit]

Newstrike Capital Inc. acquired ‘Ana Paula’, an advanced-stage gold exploration project from Goldcorp in June 2010. It covers 7,622 hectares over 4 mineral claims in the established Guerrero Gold Belt.[3]

Aurea Norte[edit]

An early stage project in the northwest extension of the Guerrero Gold Belt covering a total of 59,637.19 hectares.[4]

Aurea Sur[edit]

The early stage Aurea Sur exploration project consists of four claims totaling 21,742.42 hectares. The project lies to the west of the Guerrero Gold Belt and is contiguous with the Aurea Norte project to the north.[5]


This early stage project is located southeast of the City of Oaxaca and totals over 26,000 hectares.[6]


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