Newton Game Dynamics

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Newton Game Dynamics
Ragdoll demonstration. This demo uses "Newton Game Dynamics", free "OGRE" graphics engine, and free texture library "DevIL".
Ragdoll demonstration. This demo uses Newton Game Dynamics, the free OGRE graphics engine, and the free texture library DevIL.
Original author(s)Julio Jerez & Alain Suero
Stable release
3.14c / May 3, 2020; 16 months ago (2020-05-03)[1]
Written inC++
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, Linux
Licensezlib License
WebsiteNewton Game Dynamics Homepage

Newton Game Dynamics is an open-source[2] physics engine for realistically simulating rigid bodies in games and other real-time applications. Its solver is deterministic and not based on traditional LCP or iterative methods.

Newton Game Dynamics is actively developed by Julio Jerez. Currently a new version which will take advantage of multi-core CPUs and GPUs is being developed.

Games that used Newton[edit]

This is a select list of games using Newton Game Dynamics.[3]

Engines which incorporated Newton[edit]

A list of game engines using Newton Game Dynamics:

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