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Mass Turnpike at Newtonville, showing supermarket with early use of air rights

Newtonville is one of the thirteen villages within the city of Newton in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States.


Newtonville is a predominantly residential neighborhood. It is divided into two parts by the Massachusetts Turnpike and MBTA commuter rail, which runs through it below grade, so that there are several bridges over the turnpike. The Star Market on Austin Street (currently Shaw's) was one of the first projects in the country to buy air rights for construction; the supermarket is built over the Massachusetts Turnpike.[1]

Newtonville was once served by the now defunct Newton Nexus bus, a free service provided by the city of Newton. Walnut Street is the main street of the village. The urban section of the road is home to restaurants, bakeries, and cafes, several banks, multiple fitness centers, and dry cleaners. Branching off of Walnut is the Austin Street commercial area, which sports a Starbucks, and a Goodwill dropoff.

On the north side of the turnpike, on Washington Street (which runs parallel to the Massachusetts Turnpike) there are many more restaurants, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, liquor stores, Newton's largest Post Office, and a Whole Foods supermarket.

Located in Newtonville is Newton North High School, one of the city's two high schools. The Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail station, which is also serviced by the buses 59, 553, 554, and 556 is located in Newtonville.

The "Washington Place". complex is currently under construction on the corner of Walnut and Washington Street. It promises to bring 140 new residential units, 35 of which are affordable housing, 43,860 square feet of office space, and extra parking for nearby businesses and residents. The project is being developed by Mark Development and is set to open sometime in the next few years.


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