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Coordinates: 50°42′48″N 1°24′05″W / 50.7132°N 1.4013°W / 50.7132; -1.4013

Newtown Old Town Hall, front with portico
Newtown Old Town Hall, rear entrance
Meeting room

Newtown Old Town Hall was built in 1256,[1] and is the town hall of the former mediaeval and later rotten borough of Newtown on the Isle of Wight in England. Newtown is now a small village, and its town hall is owned by the National Trust.[2] It is a Grade II* listed building. [3]

After many years of neglect the building was repaired in 1933 under the supervision of John Eric Miers Macgregor OBE, a specialist conservation architect who managed to save the derelict structure. The repair was funded by Ferguson’s Gang, a mysterious group of young annonymous benefactors who endowed Newtown Old Town Hall to the National Trust and agreed for it to be run as a Youth Hostel for fifteen years.[1]

An exhibition of the exploits of the Gang can be seen in the building today, which is open to the public during the summer months, for a small admission fee.[4]

The Gang were influenced to save the Old Town Hall by Black Mary, a supporter of Ferguson's Gang and the mother of Peggy Pollard (AKA Bill Stickers) whose home on the Island was close by.[5]


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