Newtown Tram Depot

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Newtown Tram Depot
Main Sydney Tram System
NSWGT Newtown Tram Depot g.jpg
Locale King Street, Newtown
Open 1 April 1900
Close 28 September 1957
Status disused
Operator(s) New South Wales Tramways
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Depot(s) Newtown Tram Depot

Newtown Tram Depot was part of the Sydney tram network.


Newtown Tram Depot opened on 1 April 1900 adjacent to Newtown station on King Street, Newtown. It initially provided trams on the Glebe Point, Canterbury, Earlwood and Summer Hill lines. It closed on 28 September 1957.[1][2]

It is the oldest remaining tram depot in Sydney that has survived in its original form.

It contained:[3]

  • Tram Storage Shed (1899), with its own distinctive parapet design [4]
  • Tram Traffic Offices (1900), additional floor c.1914
  • Main Tram Track Area (1899), series of 16 tram tracks fanning out from two tracks at King Street, removed
  • Secondary Tram Yard (1899), demolished

The depot sits alongside Newtown railway station. Part of the depot's forecourt was redeveloped and opened to the public in 2012 as part of an upgrade to the station. This area now acts as the entrance to the station concourse. The main depot building remains derelict.


Design features including:[5]

  • 16 tracks
  • Plain front parapet
  • East roof orientation



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