Newville, Virginia

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Newville Country Store

Newville is a small unincorporated community in the southern portion of Prince George County, Virginia, United States

Newville is located at the corner of Hines and Pole Run Roads. Surrounding main roads include Old Town Road, Lebanon Road, and State Route 10.

The crossroads is cornered by a general store called Newville Country Store. There are two churches in the area: Lebanon Baptist Church and Newville United Methodist Church. Lebanon Baptist Church is located at the corner of Hines Road and Lebanon Road and is attended predominantly by members of African-American descent. Newville United Methodist Church is located on Hines Road just north of the Hines and Pole Run intersection, and is a predominantly Caucasian church. Several old homes in the Newville Area date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Until the late 1990s the area was totally rural. However, due to a recent demand for housing in Prince George County as a result of expansions at Fort Lee, and other businesses in Richmond-Petersburg region, several farms have been sold to developers to create 5-acre (20,000 m2) homesites. Thousands of acres of land in the Newville area are owned by lumber companies and managed for loblolly pine timber and pulpwood.

Coordinates: 37°11′07″N 77°08′51″W / 37.185179°N 77.147623°W / 37.185179; -77.147623