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Traded asKRX: 139670
IndustryComputer software, IT
FoundedSeptember 2002; 17 years ago (2002-09)
ProductsFor device makers
- NexPlayer
- NexPlayer SDK
- NexEditor SDK
- NexSound SDK
- KineMaster
- SingPlay

NexStreaming (KOSDAQ: 139670) is a global multimedia software company with headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and branches in the US, China, Spain and Taiwan. Not only have NexStreaming's sales been rising steadily but the proportion of sales to major global media customers and smartphone manufacturers has also been growing. NexStreaming is a publicly traded company listed on the Korean stock market, KOSDAQ.[1][2][3]


  • 2002 September: NexStreaming Founded
  • 2003 February: Established an affiliated research center (Mobile Multimedia Software R&D center)
  • 2003 September: Distributed mobile multimedia software for SK Teletech devices
  • 2003 December: Designated as a venture company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 2004 March: Provided a streaming server for LG Telecom VOD services
  • 2004 April: Distributed multimedia software for PANTECH & CURITEL devices
  • 2005 May: Distributed Streaming Player for Samsung Electronics' EDGE
  • 2005 July: Distributed S-DMB and Multimedia Editor Software for PANTECH & CURITEL
  • 2007 December: Signed a contract with Spreadtrum on distribution of Media Player for TD-SCDMA streaming service
  • 2008 July: Signed contract with Samsung Electronics on distribution of Media Player
  • 2009 June: Developed PMP, Streaming player for Android OS
  • 2010 January: Signed contract on distribution of multimedia player software for LG electronics
  • 2010 September: Developed Apple HTTP Live Streaming Player
  • 2011 May: Supplied the Downloadable Player for Android for HBO GO Service in the U.S
  • 2011 December: Listed on the Korean stock market, KOSDAQ
  • 2012 March: Changed its English name to NexStreaming
  • 2013 October: Launched KineMix on Android
  • 2013 December: Launched KineMaster on Android
  • 2013 December: Reached the top 5 cable operators in the US using NexPlayer SDK on Android devices
  • 2014 June: Launched SingPlay on Android
  • 2014 July: Launched KineMix on iOS
  • 2014 September: NexPlayer exceeded usage of more than 300 million mobile phones
  • 2014 December: Participated in App Show Korea 2014 and demonstrated KineMaster
  • 2015 March: Participated in MWC(Mobile World Congress) and demonstrated NexPlayer SDK
  • 2015 April: Signed contract with NAVER on distribution of NexPlayer SDK
  • 2015 September: Launched NexPlayer SDK for Android TV
  • 2015 October: Signed contract with Tencent on distribution of NexSound SDK
  • 2015 December: KineMaster exceed user of more than 6 million


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