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Nexaweb, INC.
Industry application modernization software
Founded Cambridge (2000)
Founder Coach Wei
Headquarters Burlington, Massachusetts, U.S.
Products Nexaweb Enterprise Suite, Nexaweb FX Accelerator

Nexaweb offers application modernization software and services that target client/server applications developed using popular 4GL tools such as PowerBuilder. The company’s client/server application modernization solutions are designed to transform legacy systems into modern web applications that use cloud computing platforms.

Market Need[edit]

Forrester Research’s analysis of 562 companies in North America and Europe showed that 55% of current IT budgets are dedicated to maintaining systems and business processes that are up to 20 years old.[1]

At the same time, the cost of maintaining legacy client/server software applications is increasing and the number of IT professionals capable of supporting client/server applications and programming languages is shrinking.[2]

Gartner Research recommends that organizations fund an application modernization program today to avoid the “train wreck” that will result from any delay:

“Most IT portfolios have grown up haphazardly throughout the years, mixing technologies, vendors and architectures that require increasing resources to manage. An overhaul initiative works with the application strategy to drive the IT organization to achieve a desired state, usually with the intent of modernizing it. Note that it is not just buying new computers. Modernization is about creating a more-flexible and dynamic IT environment.”[3]

Nexaweb Inc.[edit]

The Nexaweb Enterprise Web Suite (Nexaweb EWS) includes legacy code analysis and capture tools and cloud application reference frameworks for Java and Ajax.

Nexaweb Studio is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables visual, drag-drop development of rich internet applications (RIAs).

The Nexaweb Internet Messaging Bus provides reliable, secure, two-way message processing between web application servers and browser clients.

Nexaweb acclerators are pre-built, customizable end-user RIA templates for modernization in specific domains such as Treasury/Foreign Exchange (FX) trading.


Nexaweb has more than 200 customers, including Aflac Japan, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, EMC, Nokia Siemens, Pepsi Bottling Group and Rabobank, and has had its solutions deployed at more than 7,500 enterprises.

Organization and Offices[edit]

Nexaweb is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with sales and service offices in Japan and the Netherlands. The company also has technical consultants in Tokyo and outsources elements of its software development in China.

Nexaweb was acquired by TobeSoft, a publicly traded Korean software company. TobeSoft continues to operate Nexaweb as its US operations.

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