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Developer Nexenta Systems
Written in C
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Latest release 4.0.4FP5[1] / 28 June 2016; 17 months ago (2016-06-28)
Available in English
Kernel type Monolithic
License Proprietary
Preceded by illumos
Official website

NexentaStor is an OpenSolaris or more recently Illumos distribution optimized for virtualization, storage area networks, network-attached storage, and iSCSI or Fibre Channel applications employing the ZFS file system.

Like OpenSolaris, NexentaStor is a Unix-like operating system. Nexenta Systems started NexentaStor as a fork of another OpenSolaris distribution, Illumos.

NexentaStor supports iSCSI, unlimited incremental backups ('snapshots'), snapshot mirroring (replication), continuous data protection, integrated search within ZFS snapshots, and an API.

Nexenta distributes the operating system as a disk image. The cost of a license is calculated per Terabyte or per server.[2] The Community Edition is available free of charge for users with less than 18 TB of used disk space who deploy the operating system in a non-production environment.[3]

NexentaStor Community Edition includes all the common storage area network features of the production version, but if the amount of disk data addressed by the system exceeds 18 TB, the operating system locks most administration functions.


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