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NextIO, Inc.
Industry Information Technology, Networking
Founded 2003
Headquarters Austin, Texas

NextIO, Inc was an information technology company based in Austin, Texas, providing solutions for PCIe expansion and I/O virtualization for traditional data centers and HPC environments.[1] NextIO was considered one of the original founding contributors to the creation of the IOV space.[2]

About the Company[edit]

NextIO was founded in 2003 by Brooks Ivey, K.C. Murphy, Gordon Burk, Jim Everett and Chris Pettey, however only Murphy, Ivey and Everett remain. This privately held company's initial funding was by Adams Capital Management, JK&B Capital, VentureTech Alliance,[3] and Dell, Inc.[4] Subsequent investment round participants include Crescendo Ventures,.[5] K. C. Murphy serves as the company's President and CEO,[6] as well as its Chairman of the Board.[7] According to their website, NextIO ceased operations on August 19, 2013.[8]


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