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Next is a brand of cigarettes made by Altria. The brand was created by Philip Morris International after tax increases of tobacco in Malaysia pushed Marlboro out of the market.[1] Next is also available in tobacco for rolling use.

A 100 gram can of Next cigarette tobacco, purchased at a gas station in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Next International is sold in Canada as a discount cigarette brand which competes with other imported brands such as Viceroy, Legend, Studio and Pall Mall.


  • Full flavor
  • Lights
  • Ultra Light
  • Menthol
  • Menthol Capsule

Chill Menthol


  • Next Red (Full Flavour)
  • Next Green (Non-Menthol as of Jan 1 2017) has a charcoal filter. (Smoother finish) Strength: between Red & Blue
  • Next Blue (Light)
  • Next Gold (Smooth)
  • Next Duo (Redesigned without Menthol Capsule) - (as of flavour ban Jan 1 2017)
  • Next Xpress (Full Flavour)

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