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On 7 March, 2017, Libya's Tobruk-based House of Representatives, called for general elections to be held, following the collapse of a UN-brokered peace accord with the rival Tripoli-based government. Although an exact date for the elections has not yet been set, they are reportedly due to be held before February 2018.[1][2]

Meanwhile, head of the rival GNA government which was based in Tripoli, Fayez al-Sarraj announced on 16 July 2017 that presidential and parliamentary elections would be held in March 2018. He also said that the GNA would remain as a caretaker government until after the elections.[3]


In a surprise offensive on 3 March, the Islamist-dominated Benghazi Defense Brigades seized a number of oil ports from the Libyan National Army-backed House of Representatives.[4] On 7 March, the ports were handed over to the Government of National Accord, prompting the House of Representatives to abandon the UN-brokered peace deal it had previously agreed to with that government, denouncing the BDB capture of the ports as "terrorist attacks".[5] The House then called for Libya's electoral commission to make “all the necessary arrangements to prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections before February 2018".[6]