Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2016

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Next Northern Ireland Assembly election

2011 ←
5 May 2016 → 2021

All 108 seats to the Northern Ireland Assembly
  Peter Robinson Gerry Adams Alasdair McDonnell
Leader Peter Robinson Gerry Adams Alasdair McDonnell
Party DUP Sinn Féin SDLP
Leader since 31 May 2008 13 November 1983 5 November 2011
Leader's seat Belfast East N/A Belfast South
Last election 38 seats, 29.3% 29 seats, 26.3% 14 seats, 13.9%
Current seats 38 29 14

  Mike Nesbitt David Ford Jim Allister
Leader Mike Nesbitt David Ford Jim Allister
Party UUP Alliance TUV
Leader since 31 March 2012 6 October 2001 7 December 2007
Leader's seat Strangford South Antrim North Antrim
Last election 16 seats, 12.9% 8 seats, 7.7% 1 seat, 2.5%
Current seats 13 8 1

  Steven Agnew
Leader Steven Agnew
Party Green (NI)
Leader since 10 January 2011
Leader's seat North Down
Last election 1 seat, 0.9%
Current seats 1

Incumbent First Minister

Peter Robinson

The next election to the Northern Ireland Assembly will occur on 5 May 2016, unless it is dissolved earlier.

Change of date[edit]

Under the Northern Ireland Act 1998, elections to the NI assembly were originally for a four-year term; thus there would have been an election due in May 2015, four years after the 2011 election. Following the introduction of the UK Fixed Term Parliaments Act, this date would have clashed with the 2015 UK General Election.[1] The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections were postponed for a year to 2016 to avoid this clash.[2]

In May 2013, Theresa Villiers, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, announced the next NI assembly election would be postponed to May 2016, and would be held at fixed intervals of 5 years thereafter.[3] Section 7 of the Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 specifies that elections will be held on the first Thursday in May on the fifth (rather than fourth, as previously) calendar year following that in which its predecessor was elected.[4]

End of dual mandate[edit]

The Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 also ends the practice of dual mandate, prohibiting someone being elected to the assembly who is also a member of the UK House of Commons or the Irish Dáil Éireann.[4] At the time the Act was passed, there were three such dual-members: the DUP's Sammy Wilson (MP for East Antrim and MLA for East Antrim) and Gregory Campbell (MP for East Londonderry and MLA for East Londonderry) and the SDLP's Alasdair McDonnell (MP for Belfast South and MLA for Belfast South).[5]

MLAs not standing for Re Election[edit]

Elliot, Kinahan and McDonnell were all elected at the 2015 General Election to the House of Commons and to end "double jobbing" they resigned their Assembly seats in June 2015.

Earlier dissolution[edit]

There are several circumstances in which the Assembly could be dissolved before the date scheduled by virtue of section 31(1) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Dissolution motion[edit]

Under section 32 of the 1998 Act, the Assembly can be dissolved if a resolution to such an effect is passed by the Assembly, with support of 72 or more members.

Failure to elect the First or Deputy First Ministers[edit]

The Act provides that if the Assembly fails to elect either the First Minister or deputy First Minister within six weeks, an election is called. Since the Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Act 2006 this has involved the nomination to the posts by the largest party overall and the largest party in the designation which the largest party overall is not a member respectively.[clarification needed]

Seat distribution[edit]

Party Designation Seats won Current seats
Democratic Unionist Party Unionist 38 38
Sinn Féin Nationalist 29 29
Ulster Unionist Party Unionist 16 13
Social Democratic and Labour Party Nationalist 14 14
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland Other 8 8
Independent Unionist 1 2
Green Party in Northern Ireland Other 1 1
Traditional Unionist Voice Unionist 1 1
UKIP Unionist N/A 1
NI21 Unionist N/A 1

Opinion Polling[edit]

Polling organisation/client Sample size DUP SF SDLP UUP All Others
7 May 2015 General Election Results 718,512 26% 24% 13% 16% 8% 14%
22 May 2014 2014 Local Election Results 627,777 23% 24% 14% 16% 6% 17%
Sep 2013 Lucid Talk/Belfast Telegraph N/A 29% 26% 14% 11% 10% 10%
Jan 2013 IPSOS-MORI/BBC 1,046 24% 23% 19% 13% 10% 11%
2012 Life & Times[n 1] N/A 27% 19% 21% 16% 13% 3%
5 May 2011 Assembly Election Results 661,736 29.3% 26.3% 13.9% 12.9% 7.7% 9.9%


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