Next Top Model (Romanian TV series)

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Next Top Model
GenreReality television
Created byTyra Banks
Presented byCătălin Botezatu
JudgesCătălin Botezatu
Gabriel Hennessey
Mirela Vescan
Livio Ionescu
Laurent Tourette
Country of originRomania
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes41
Running time120 mins
Original release
NetworkAntena 1
ReleaseFebruary 3, 2011 (2011-02-03) –
December 27, 2012 (2012-12-27)

Next Top Model by Cătălin Botezatu is a Romanian reality television show based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. It pits aspiring models against each other in a variety of tests to determine who will win title of Romania's Next Top Model along with a lucrative 4-year-long modelling contract with MRA Models worth 50,000 Euros.[1]

All three seasons of the competition were hosted by Romanian fashion designer Cătălin Botezatu, making him the fifth male host of the Top Model franchise after Fyodor Bondarchuk, Alexander Tsekalo (both Russia), Jay Manuel (Canada) and Nathan Lee (Vietnam, later replaced by Hà Anh). The panel is completed by photographer Gabriel Hennessey, makeup artist Mirela Vascan, hair stylist Laurent Tourette and model agent Livio Ionescu.

Show format[edit]


Each episode usually begins with the contestants receiving training in an area concurrent with the week's theme. For example, contestants may get coached in runway walking, improvisational acting, or applying makeup to suit various occasions. A related challenge soon follows, such as a mock (or real) runway show or interview, and a winner is chosen by a judge. She receives some prize, such as clothing, a night out, or an advantage at the next photo shoot. The winning contestant may gain immunity from elimination at the next judging.

Photo shoots[edit]

The next segment is usually a photo shoot, which may involve beauty shots, posing in swimwear, lingerie or other clothing, posing nude or semi-nude, posing with a male model, or posing with animals among other themes. Performance in each week's photo shoot typically weighs heavily in the final judging, and it can result in the elimination of one or more contestants.


The final segment of each episode involves judging by a panel of fashion industry experts. Each contestant's photo, or video performance, is then shown and evaluated by the panel. After all photos have been evaluated, the contestants leave the room and the judges deliberate.

The elimination process follows a rigid format. The host reveals, one by one and in order of merit, the photos of the contestants who have not been eliminated. The last two, three, or four contestants who have not received their photos are brought forward for special critiques by the host before the final photo(s) is/are revealed. The contestants who have not received a photo are thus eliminated from the competition.

International destinations[edit]

In contrast to the American version of Next Top Model where a trip to an international destination is usually scheduled at about two-thirds of the way through the competition, Romania's Next Top Model is non-committal about traveling. The first season traveled abroad four times, and the second and third seasons traveled a total of three times.


Season 1 began airing on February 3, 2011, on Antena 1, and was eventually won by 16-year-old Emma Dumitrescu. The season saw controversy when Lucia Popa was disqualified after physically attacking Dumitrescu. Castings for season 2 were held in the spring of 2011, and season 2 began airing on September 15, 2011. Laura Giurcanu ultimately won the competition. Season 3 began airing on September 20, 2012, and was eventually won by Ramona Popescu.

Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International Destinations
1 3 February 2011 Emma Dumitrescu Mădălina Barbu Anca Vasile, Diana Donoiu, Sara Măgurean, Adela Neagu, Lucia Popa (disqualified), Inga Ojog, Otilia Pană, Alexandra Băbăscu, Laura Dumitru, Roxana Cristian 12 Giza
2 15 September 2011 Laura Giurcanu Iuliana Mînza Miruna Iovan & Iasmina Balamat, Mădălina Goian, Cristina Chiriac, Denisa Hîncu, Gina Tănasie, Simona Din & Aida Becheanu, Flori Ciupu, Iulia Micloș, Diana Trofin, Irina Batrac, Karin Arz, Sandra Ciubotariu
16 Reykjavík
3 20 September 2012 Ramona Popescu Barbara Langellotti
Denisa Ciocoiu
Veronica Cazac (quit), Silvana Anghel, Diana Luca & Bianca Taban, Andreea Grecu, Ruxandra Postatny, Victoria Cartiră, Diana Zamfir & Alexandra Urs, Sânziana Cozorici, Otilia Cioșă, Lavinia Furtună, Laura Iordache & Cristina Iordache 17 Mykonos

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