Next to No Time

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Next to No Time
"Next to no Time" (1958).jpg
Original UK 1-sheet poster
Directed by Henry Cornelius
Produced by Albert Fennell
Written by Henry Cornelius
Based on short story by Paul Gallico
Starring Kenneth More
Betsy Drake
Music by Georges Auric
Cinematography Freddie Francis
Edited by Peter R. Hunt
Distributed by British Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
August 1958 (London) (UK)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Next to No Time is a 1958 British comedy, filmed in colour, starring Kenneth More, Betsy Drake, John Laurie, Sid James and Irene Handl. It was written and directed by Henry Cornelius and was based on Paul Gallico's short story "The Enchanted Hour".[1]


A mild-mannered British planning engineer is sent across the Atlantic by his firm to negotiate a deal, a task for which he feels hugely out of his depth. However, a friendly barman, with the help of one of his special cocktails, convinces him that his personality changes during the hour when the clocks on the ship are stopped when it enters a new time zone in its progress west. A gentle, slow-moving comedy which now looks rather dated.


Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote, "Mr. Cornelius' little frolic is very much like the bubbles cascading around the opening title and credits—thin, transparent and bouncy."[2]


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