Neyva River

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The Neyva

The Neiva or Nevya (Russian: Нейва) is a 294-kilometre (183 mi) long river in the Sverdlovsk Oblast of Russia, which flows out of Lake Tavatui along the slopes of the Ural Mountains through the towns of Nevyansk, Alapaevsk, and Novouralsk. The basin formed by the river has a total catchment area of 5,600 square kilometres (2,200 sq mi). The upper reaches are punctuated by a series of lakes and reservoirs that cover 72.4 square kilometres (28.0 sq mi). After joining the Nitsa River, the Neyva enters the Tura River, a tributary of the Tobol.

Coordinates: 57°21′36″N 60°13′41″E / 57.3600°N 60.2281°E / 57.3600; 60.2281